This is the main page for my collection of little utilities to make EQ information management a little easier to handle.

The first submission is my ItemDataManage program. This program reads various dump files from EQ and generates handy reports of what your inventories are, missing spells, missing flags, etc.
A sample of the character report it generates can be viewed here.
Current version is 0.9.00g - released Jul 13, 2020
Some tradeskill diagrams: (most are kind of outdated now)
[baking] [Misty Thicket Picnics] [Power drinks] [Cultural Fletching] [pottery (includes thurgadin gate potion)]
Tradeskill trophy quest requirements: click here
The Progression server stuff is available here

Version History
Notice about MFC100.DLL

If you get an error complaining about MFC100.DLL, you'll need to download the C++ Redistributable Package for 2010. I would include it with the zip download from here, but since you only need it once and from the microsoft site you'll be getting the latest, I decided to let you get it from microsoft instead of being the middleman. The download link is here.

Monday July 13, 2020 ver 0.9.00g

  Did more Reorganization of some of the recipe listings so that they're easier to read in your missing recipe files. Added the ingredient list for some of the subcombines in the missing recipe listing. There's only about a dozen of them, so don't get your hopes up too high. Fixed a bug that could cause some items to show up in the master inventory lists on multiple characters. Added a couple more recipe books to the missing recipes files. Updated the PoSky keys to indicate they can now be added to your keyring. The starts are there for tracking which of the Shards Landing portals and Ethernere portals have been unlocked, but there's still something buggy about it. Hopefully it will be straightened out in next release.

Friday March 13, 2020 ver 0.9.00f

  Reorganized some of the recipe listings so that they're easier to read in your missing recipe files. Updated the collections lists. And a bunch more of little tid bit things here and there.

Saturday June 29, 2019 ver 0.9.00e

  Fixed an issue reading faction messages in the log file. Cleaned up the ordering of ingredients on the recipe page and added ingredients for some of the ones that were missing them. Most all of the non-racial and non-class specific recipes that can be learned from reading books have been marked as such. Fixed some of the tooltips for magelo that weren't popping up properly. Heads up: I will soon be removing the faction log parsing as they've added an in-game method to get better details about what your various faction standings are.

Wednesday April 3, 2019 ver 0.9.00d

  Added more of the trohpy recipes, collection quests, recipe books, and a bunch more items into the database. Fixed a bug that could cause the total number of items calculated to report incorrectly when stuff's in shared bank slots. Marked some of the recipes that were previously tagged as being available in orignal content to be flagged as not being available until a later expansion (to avoid confusion for those on progression servers). Fixed a bug that could cause strange behavior if you still had an old html file from EQPlayers listing your current AA's (at least current as of way back when EQPlayes was still around).

Wednesday February 27, 2019 ver 0.9.00c

  Put in mechanics for keeping a separate inventory of collectibles. Right now, it only lists the Erollisi Day collections. It won't be able to see what you've already collected, but will list out what you currently have available to be added to your collection.

  In the unlearned recipes page, put in a special tag and color for those recipes that can be learned simply by buying and reading a book. I've only referenced about a dozen books so far, but the next rev should have at least most of the ones that I'm aware of.

  Fixed some missing steps in the planar progression sequence as well as some missing steps in the old coldain shawl quest.

Saturday December 29, 2018 ver 0.9.00b

  Fixed some errors in the recipe output files and added more ingredients. Got more items added to the database.

Tuesday November 13, 2018 ver 0.9.00a

  It's back. After a six-year hibernation, I've made an update to the program. The item database should now be able to accept many of the new items that have been added since the prior version. The spells database still only goes up to level 95 though, but didn't want to hold back on releasing this till after the updated spells got added. Support for and was taken out since both of those sites have gone away.

Thursday September 27, 2012 ver 0.8.94t

  Removed some of the outdated recipes. They'll still be there if you're playing on one of the progression servers (Fippy or Valuk). Started updating for the new spell vendors in PoK. On the recipe page, it won't list the expected success rate for your various characters on the floating popup for the top-level combines, only for the various subcombines. Added Abstruse armor components to the categorized list page. Reduced the number of frames that the main page uses so that it page looks a little cleaner.

Wednesday April 11, 2012 ver 0.8.94s

  Expanded the maximum number of bag slots to 32. Did some more tuning on the focus effects. From the recipe file and the master inventory file, you can click on a character's name and it will bring up that character's inventory page with the appropriate item(s) highlighted for easier locating of your stuff.

Monday Mar 19, 2012 ver 0.8.94r

  Added some more of the VoA spells. Did some updating to the focus upgrade stuff. Disabled the EQPlayers update button since that site is no longer even available. When they come out with their next version, I'll try to adapt to it.

Tuesday Mar 13, 2012 ver 0.8.94q

  Added some more of the VoA spells. Removed the links for several of the different bag types that serve as nothing other than containers. Put a button on the research table that makes it more suitable for printing (do this after clearing the spells you're not interested in). Put the names in for most of the focus effects. Put the level 1 LoN illusion spells for enchanters in a collapsible list.

Saturday Mar 10, 2012 ver 0.8.94p

  Fixed a bug that could have been causing some people to crash when attempting to process their characters.

Wednesday Mar 7, 2012 ver 0.8.94o

  Added more of the Veil of Alaris spells.

Monday Mar 5, 2012 ver 0.8.94n

  Stated adding Veil of Alaris spells. Updated the database size to accommodate VoA items that are dropping.

Tuesday November 15, 2011 ver 0.8.94m

  Fixed a bug that was causing the program to crash if you had a local quest or recipe file.

Wednesday October 26, 2011 ver 0.8.94l

  Added code to better detect classes for lower level characters.

Tuesday October 25, 2011 ver 0.8.94k

  Removed the tinkering, alchemy, and poisonmaking recipes from the tradeskill file if you don't have a character of high enough level to attempt them.

Monday October 24, 2011 ver 0.8.94j

  Added the higher-level cultural components to the categories inventory list. Added magelo and allahkazam tooltips to the character page and inventory pages. The tooltips is an option that can be turned off or on from the configure program. By default, they won't be included until you check them off with the configure program. Improved the luclin section of the flag by character file -- it's still not fixed as well as I'd like, but it's better than it was. Fixed some bad links that were in the keys section. Added McKenzie to the list of vendors for alternate currencies.

Friday October 21, 2011 ver 0.8.94i

  Added more data for the focus upgrades.

Thursday October 20, 2011 ver 0.8.94h

  Reinstituted the focus upgrades feature.

Monday October 17, 2011 ver 0.8.94g

  Fixed an error which caused program to crash when parsing some of the real estate files. Optimized the spell research table a little bit.

Tuesday August 16, 2011 ver 0.8.94f

  Fixed an error when parsing the bazaar sales listing. If someone has the rank 2 scroll for one of your upcoming spells, it'll include that scroll in the Upcoming Scrolls section

Wednesday August 10, 2011 ver 0.8.94e

  Added some error checking and diagnostic messages.

Friday June 10, 2011 ver 0.8.94d

  Unlocked Kunark for the progression servers.

Wednesday June 1, 2011 ver 0.8.94c

  Made some corrections to the spell database. Put code in to switch between the different keys for Veeshan's Peak versions for the progression servers.

Monday March 28, 2011 ver 0.8.94b

  Expanded the Configure program to work with up to 14 characters per account. Also made some adjustments to the spell database regrading expansions (primarily for the Fippy and Vulak servers).

Saturday March 16, 2011 ver 0.8.94a

  First stab at reading the Real Estate inventory files. Use the ingame command /outputfile realestate to generate the input files. I don't know how many items are allowed in the inventory, so once you exceed 50 items, they won't all be processed correctly. Also, any items in your real estate that aren't in the database won't be processed either (I'll fix this soon, but I'm too lazy -and tired- at the moment). Real Estate inventory also isn't listed in the 'at a glance' page yet.

  I also did some little html fixes on a bunch of the files. If any of the files aren't displaying correctly, let me know.

Sunday March 6, 2011 ver 0.8.93p

  Cleaned up some of the ways the bazaar log is parsed and moved the EQEcon icon to be inside the popup menu for bazaar vendors. (Anyone know if EQEcon is still valid these days?)

Tuesday February 22, 2011 ver 0.8.93n

  Added Fippy and Valuk as server names. If you're playing on one of these servers, it should also automatically adjust which expansion they're on.

Monday February 14, 2011 ver 0.8.93m

  I went through and flagged recipes based on which expansion they're available in (as best I could tell). So, if you're playing on Fippy, it'll list let you know which recipes are currently available or when they will be available.

Sunday February 13, 2011 ver 0.8.93k

  Fixed a bug that could have prevented multiple ink ingredients from getting listed on the research table.

Tuesday January 25, 2011 ver 0.8.93j

  The ItemDataManage program no longer makes a .ini file if you didn't already have one. You will need to run Configure.Exe before running ItemDataManage for the first time.

Wednesday January 5, 2011 ver 0.8.93i

  Changed the main character page to have little pop-up menus for the links back to the various EQ sites for your items so the page isn't as cluttered up with all those icons.

Sunday January 2, 2011 ver 0.8.93h

  Cleaned up a bunch of the unavailable spells.

Also, in preparation for the new progression server being opened soon, I've gone back and adapted the program to better run with limited expansions as an option. If you want an early preview of what the output pages will look like, there's a control in the lower left that will let you pick which expansion you want to run it for. If you do nothing with it, it'll run up through the latest expansion (HoT) as though nothing else were different. Once the servers go live, I'll modify the code to detect which expansion to use automatically (similar to the way it was back on the combine and sleeper servers if you used it back then). I put that control there mainly for debugging, but thought I'd go ahead and leave it there in case you're interested in playing on the progression server.

Friday December 31, 2010 ver 0.8.93g

  Fixed a little bug that might have had the chance to prevent some spells showing up as needed. Coalesced some of the items listed in the research table (using the 'times' symbol instead of listing multiple instances of ingredients). Did a little bit of clean up to the spell database.

Thursday December 30, 2010 ver 0.8.93f

  Doing an EQPlayers update with characters tagged as private should no longer erase the previously downloaded files. You'll still need to download those ones by hand, but at least the automated download won't force you to do it again.

  It shouldn't list the AAs for characters that aren't level 51 yet.

  If your tradeskill mastery level is not commensurate with your skill level, a note is added to your unfinished skills list.

  I went through and fixed the max levels for spell specializations, so only those that are not at the max should be listed.

  Added some of the missing factions.

Thursday December 23, 2010 ver 0.8.93e

  Added a bunch of the Thule spells.

Wednesday December 22, 2010 ver 0.8.93d

  Added a vertical scrollbar to the status log. Added some more items to the database.

Tuesday December 21, 2010 ver 0.8.93c

  Cleaned up research table #1 output. Added more of the research spells. Added some more items to the database.

Sunday December 12, 2010 ver 0.8.93a

  Fixed a memory leak issue that could have caused the program to crash if any items got added to the database and left the database corrupted.

Sunday December 12, 2010 ver 0.8.93

  Added a button that will download the data files from EQPlayers for those characters that you have the EQPlayers numbers listed in the .ini file. If your character is tagged as private or anything like that, don't use this as it doesn't log into EQPlayers; you'll need to download those by hand. Since this essentially replaces what the EQPlayersUpdate program did, I've removed it from the zip file.

  Put in spells for clerics and magicians through HoT, along with some other misc clean up here and there.

Wednesday November 17, 2010 ver 0.8.92f

  Expanded maximum bag size to 20.

Friday October 29, 2010 ver 0.8.92d

  Fixed a bug with the expanded inventory. Started adding some of the HoT spells (shaman and enchanters so far).

Thursday October 28, 2010 ver 0.8.92c

  Database update and code that should be able to handle the 10 general inventory slots that came with latest expansion.

Sunday July 25, 2010 ver 0.8.92

  This is the first cut at transitioning from command prompt program to MFC. Just run it, click process and let 'er rip. If you've got a lot of characters (>50), it will appear to lock up ('not responding'). Don't worry about it. It's still running, just not updating the window. When it's done, it'll finally do an window update.

  Also, there's now a message board that seems to be up and running on here. Visit to see it. It's simple. Nothing fancy. But does allow you to report any errors or problems.

Monday April 12, 2010 ver 0.8.91b
Put more items in the database.
Monday January 25, 2010 ver 0.8.91a
Added some more items and Underfoot spells.
Sunday December 20, 2009 ver 0.8.91
Added more Underfoot spells & items. Added a new program to the zip file called EQPlayersUpdate. EQPlayers is a web based info program for EQ that SOE previously charged money for. But now it's free. ItemDataManage reads as optional input the spellbook, skills list, AA list, and biography files from EQPlayers. If you have your EQPlayers character ID numbers in the .ini file this program will go out onto the internet and download those files for you automatically. If you don't have those numbers in your .ini file, run the configure program to add them.