ItemSource / notesqty
Celestial Essencecrafted1
Skinning Knifecrafted (blacksmithing)1
Filleting Knifecrafted (blacksmithing)1
Sculpting Toolscrafted (blacksmithing)1
Spoolcrafted (blacksmithing)1
Scalercrafted (blacksmithing)1
Conflagrant Fish Scalecrafted (fishing - needs RoS fish)1000
Conflagrant Fish Scale Patchcrafted (fishing)100
Conflagrant Fish Scale Swatchcrafted (fishing)10
Silk Threadcrafted (from spiderling silk)45
Fresh Fishfished anywhere2
Giant Bat Furlooted3
Giant Mosquito Wingslooted3
Small Mosquito Winglooted3
Piece of Rat Furlooted3
Wasp Winglooted3
Bat Furlooted and vendor sold3
Celandine Herbvendor purchase67
Dry Hookvendor purchase14
Treble Hookvendor purchase14
Circle Hookvendor purchase14
Tanning Chemicalsvendor purchase1
Waterproof Paint Samplesvendor purchase (52k)1
Blessed Dust of Karanacrafted (pottery requires plains pebble)1
Patch of Gnoll Furlooted3
Hound Pikefished: Blackburrow1
Pine Cichlidfished: Surefall Glade1
Thunder Salmonfished: Karanas, et al2
Highland Pikefished: Highpass Hold1
Barren Croakerfished: Barren Coast1
Seaperchfished: Barren Coast, Thalassius, Burried Sea1
Fungus-covered Plecostomusfished: various DoDH zones1
Barren Flounderfished: Erud's Crossing1
Kerra Catfishfished: Kerra Isle,Toxxulia Forest1
Greengill Salmonfished: Toxxulia Forrest2
Hatch Dacefished: the Hole1
Clockwork Koifished: Ak'Anon1
Stonefishfished: Butcherblock, Jewel of Atiki1
Boar Carpfished: Crushbone1
Cauldron Troutfished: Dagnor's Cauldron1
Koada Cichlidfished: Southern Felwithe1
Pixie Winglooted in the Faydark3
Faerie Winglooted in the Faydark3
Faerie Princess Winglooted in LFay (faction hit)3
Thullian Mudskipperfished: Fearrot, Innothule1
Rujarkian Chubfished: Innothule1
Rathe Muskiefished: Lake Rathetear1
x-lb Fetid Bassfished in various Kunark zones1 of each size
Sewer Catfishfished in various Kunark zones (no trade)1
Chokai Bassfished: Chardok1
Fogwater Troutfished: City of Mist1
Ikfishfished: City of Mist1
Wulf Fishfished: Karnor's Castle1
Cave Guppyfished: Mines of Nurga1
Danak Grouperfished: Overthere1
Kunzar Koifished: Sebilis1
Despair Chubfished: Swamp of No Hope1
Krup Guppyfished: Swamp of No Hope1
Evergreen Salmonfished: Warslik Woods2
Fire Hornet Winglooted in Burning Woods3
Nightmare Cichlidfished: Plane of Nightmare1
Vallorian Discusfished: Plane of Valor1
Timorous Deep Toothfishfished: Overthere (RoS)1 to 9
Overthere Threadfinfished: Overthere (RoS)1 to 9
Spratfished: Silyssar1
Herringfished: Silyssar1
Sea Salt Impregnated Chokidai Scalelooted in Overthere (RoS)1
Flawless Conflagrant Diamondlooted in RoS1
Drake Wing Scaleslooted in Skyfire Mts (RoS)1
Mountain Catfishfished: Blightfire Moors, Sunderock Springs1
Crescent Perchfished: Crescent Reach2
Splotched Sunfishfished: Direwind Cliffs1
Mountain Bassfished: GoruKar Mesa1
Mountain Troutfished: Icefall Glacier, Steppes1
Golden Perchfished: Stone Hive1
Blind Catfishfished: Vergalid Mines1
Bixie Winglooted3
Giant Wasp Winglooted (mostly Stone Hive)3
Dragonscale Bullheadfished: Dragonscale Hills2
Shadow Troutfished: Hills of Shade2
Shaded Bonefishfished: Hills of Shade2
Wayunder Perchfished: Loping Plains3
Farwander Garfished: Loping Plains2
Treated Silk Fibrescrafted (tailoring - need Dragon Egg & Silk)1
Cobalt Codfished: Cobalt Scar1
Dragon Bay Snapperfished: Cobalt Scar1
Crystalline Cave Fishfished: Crystal Caverns1
Ry`Gorrian Toothfishfished: Eastern Wastes1
Iceclad Cutlassfishfished: Iceclad Ocean1
Salty Whitefishfished: Iceclad Ocean1
Frosty Cave Troutfished: Kael Drakkel1
Weary Wrassfished: Kerafyrm's Lair1
Grotto Bluegillfished: Sirens Grotto1
Red Roughyfished: Western Wastes1
Branch of Planar Oakforaged in Plane of Growth1
Medium Quality Dire Wolf Furlooted3
Gunthak Mackerelfished: Ocean of Tears1
Timorous Tunafished: Timorous Deep1