Deluxe Toolbox
Blue Diamond
Endless Turkeys
Warm Milk Dispenser
Primary Anchor Transport Device
Fisherman's Companion
Iron Ration×13
Mask of the Grumpy Goblin
Fellowship Registration Insignia
Drunkard's Stein

Rallic Pack
Mistmoore Battle Drums (revamped)
Badge of the Resolute Defender
Troubadour's Mace
Rattle of the Easily Amused
Engraved Spiral Conch
Singing Short Sword
Aged Muramite Lute
Lute of the Howler
Twisted Reed Flute

Deluxe Toolbox
Prismatic Crystal Charm
Fabled Ball of Golem Clay
10 Dose Potion of the Bone Field
Bauble of Rejuvenation
The Bone Rod
Dranik Incense Burner×2
Tarnished Chime
Words of Distress
Foraging Machette

Hand Made Backpack
Gloves of the Brood
Sealed Pure Energeian Light Orb×5
Fabled Ring of the Shissar
Shadowspine Rune
Mask of Deception (old world)
Clockwork Key (movable teeth)
Jungle Raptor Saddle
Imbued Feather
Elven Sword Ornament

Heroic Satchel of the Adventurer
Lute of the Mischiefmaker
Alacritous Greaves
Spire Mushroom
Spore Orchid
Totem of the Chimera
Abstruse Remnant of Survival
Brazen Faceguard of the Fallen
Bloodforged Cloth Feet Ornament
Decadent Jumjum Cake×5
Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake×20
Token of Fanfare×2
Imperial Ring of Office
Mound of Living Stone
Alloy-Linked Coat
Gears of the Mansion
Colossus Shard Earring
Ksathrax's Amber
Sphere of Coalesced Water
Ancient Inscribed Shield
Discordling Blood
Sentinel's Claw
Effervescent Swamp Moss
Red Sands Cactus
Terror Infused Linked Coat

Heroic Satchel of the Adventurer
Wisp Moss×3
Stolen Traveler's Cloak
Bloodforged Plate Hands Ornament
Hope Stone
Cloak of the Spirit Stalker
Glowing Fish Scale
Besmirched Mask of Conception
Bone Mask of Horror
Dark Feather Cloak
Eye of Roloff
Emerald of the New Year
Tetraton Shell
Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism
Necklace of the Arch Scrykin
Crystalline Globe
Softly Glowing Powersource×2
Hargar Brand Fishing Pail
Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle
Rough Pyrite Nugget
Spell: Solemn Light Rk. II
Amethyst of the Staunch
Hivegrime Stone of Avoidance
Celebratory Fireworks Caster
Fireworks Focus of Veeshan

Half Elf Sewing Kit
Wraithguard Bracer
Patches' Gnarled Bone
Whisper-Wrought Plate Breastplate
Wraithguard Bracer
Potion of Adventure II
Cloth Cap (Veeshan's Swarm)
Mucocutaneous Mechanotablet
Armguards of Repentance
Token of Leaping
Journeyman's Compass

Tailored Legendary White Backpack
Bulky Grips of Aetemius
Gift of the Caesar
The Bone Rod
The Bone Rod
Bulwark of Many Portals (no stats)

Trademaster's Component Satchel
Pod of Water×5
Amber Water Worm×39
Underfoot Purified Ore
Fresh Fish×72
Water Flask×174
Water Flask×1000
Trollhair Moss×2
Fishing Bait×774
Mana Battery - Class Six×6
Terrorantula Silk×11
Silk Swatch×20
Habanero Pepper×6
Norrathian Needle
Agonizing Glaze
Dragorn Blood×4
Flake of Lodestone
High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt
Rune of Impulse
Medium Quality Hynid Hide
Sorcery Runed Swatch×27

Trademaster's Component Satchel
Liquid Nightmare
Raw Underfoot Silver
Deluxe Toolbox
Simple Sewing Needle
Rilsteel Artisan Materials×85
Spider Silk×35
Muramite Silk Thread×233
Silk Cord
Shade Silk Swatch×3

Hand Made Backpack
Gifilnos' Miraculous Hunting Bag
Backbiter, the Traitor's Blade
Gali Vertebra
Mask of the Mighty Minotaur
Mask of the Deathbringer
North Tower Key
Fabled Boots of Shadow Walking
Hivegrime Stone of Cunning
Adventurer's Stone
Ring of Flowing Slime

Deep Caverns Collector's Case

Trader's Satchel
Prescient Fleeting Quiver
Prescient Fleeting Quiver
Lightning Gem
Blizzard Gem
Bauble of the New Year
Gemstone of the New Year
Jadestone of the New Year
Swirling Sphere of Color

Trader's Satchel
Vial of Prismatic Dye×6
Completed Diaku Emblem
The Scepter of Shadows
Key to Charasis
Shrine Key
Hand of Glory
Trakanon Idol

Deluxe Toolbox

Deluxe Toolbox

Trader's Satchel
Coldain Hunting Knife
Bone Golem Vambraces
Velium Encrusted Gauntlets
Singing Steel Greaves
Time Phased Quintessence

Deluxe Toolbox
Blessed Seeker Pendant
Mark of Execution
Jagged Coral Choker
Sporali Guardian Cloak
Frozen Elixir
Bone Golem Greaves
Burning Embers
Axgoreth's Belt of Defense
Ring of the Ancients (for JBoots)
Deluxe Toolbox
Dark Reign Token
Fabled Crown of Torment
Black Chaos Breastplate
Luminescent Mask
Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace
Smithy Hammer
Sunderspring Helm
Platinum Efreeti Helm
Platinum Efreeti Greaves

Deluxe Toolbox
Lodizal Shell Shield
Earring of the Arts
War Drums of the Rathe
Deadwater Lute
Singing Steel Boots
Raw Dark Matter
Drachnid Bone Mantle
Ring of the Shissar
Kromzek Supply Orders

Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye (tradeable)

Trader's Satchel
Mastruq's Broken Facemask
Globe of Dancing Flame
Mastruq's Clawed Finger×2
Black Chaos Boots
Gilded Shoulderpads
Royal Platinum Choker

Deluxe Toolbox
Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety
Architect's Bejeweled Chestplate
Shard of Dark Earth
Bracer of Benevolence
Casserole Dish
Non-Stick Frying Pan

Deluxe Toolbox
Tears of Prexus×2
Singing Steel Gauntlets
Singing Steel Vambraces
Mantle of the Rainmaker
Corroded Plate Gauntlets
Eroded Leather Leggings
Torn Enchanted Silk Boots
Corroded Chain Coif
Corroded Plate Bracer

Hand Made Backpack
Bristlebane's Ticket of Admission×4
Guise of the Hunter
Eerie Wurine Hoop
Key of Swords
Key of the Misplaced
Key of Misfortune
Key of Beasts
Avian Key
Phase Spider Blood

Mortar and Pestle (tradeable)
Enchanted Ring of Torden
Ring of Marr
Symbol of Torment
Drink of Timeless Energy×5

Deluxe Toolbox
Drachnid Skin Necklace
Discordant Crystal Shard
Ring of Dark Mists
Hoop of the Drakeborn
Festive Doll
Tome of the Hero's Journey
Damaged Muramite Battle Blade
10 Dose Potion of the Frost

Light Burlap Sack (tradeable)
Dusty Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship
Extravagant Combatant's Pauldrons
Forhal's Gauntlets
Drachnid Skin Girdle
Icehaven Pauldron
Necklace of the Melodic Dragon

Deluxe Toolbox
Dranik Blood Standard
Legends of Norrath: Terrorantula
Shissar Fangs×8
Singing Steel Helm
Seal: Mastery of All
Race Change Scroll
Battlecloak of Lost Souls
Thunderous Drum of Karana
Boiling Lavaspinner Blood×5

Deluxe Toolbox
Girdle of the Tormentor
Skinning Knife
Delvian Goblin Tooth×5
Combine Signet Ring
Ethereal Plate Bracers (PoR)
Flowing Cape of Grief

Deluxe Toolbox
Cavefish Goggles
Earring of the Solstice
Belt of Concordance
Pristine Shroud of the Fallen Guard
Mark of Torture
Water Flask×20
Hard Layered Mask
Bracer of Benevolence

Deluxe Toolbox
Deluxe Toolbox

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