10 Dose Blood of the Wolf:   Bilbo   Tuck×4   (5)
10 Dose Kilva's Skin of Flame:   VendingMachine×2  
10 Dose Potion of Antiweight:   Tuck  
10 Dose Potion of the Bone Field:   Pavoratti  
10 Dose Potion of the Frost:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
5 Dose Essence of High Elf:   PuppetMaster  
5 Dose Essence of Wood Elf:   VendingMachine  
5 Dose Ethira's Poison Antidote:   Tuck  
Acid Etched Girdle:   PuppetMaster  
Adamantite Bo Stick:   Dar  
Aderirse Bur:     GuildBank×60  
Adorned Acolyte Mask:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Advanced Propulsion Unit:     PuppetMaster  
Adventurer's Stone:   Bilbo   Dar   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Aged Muramite Etched Scales:     Tuck×2  
Aged Muramite Lute:   Pavoratti  
Agonizing Glaze:     Pavoratti  
Air Essence:   TreeHugger  
Air-Infused Spring Water:     GuildBank  
Alcohol-Free Hard Lemonade:   VendingMachine×97  
Alkaa's Incendiary Facade:   TreeHugger  
Alkalai Loam:     GuildBank×6   VendingMachine×4   (10)
Alloy-Linked Coat:   Pavoratti  
Amber:     Dar×4  
Amethyst:     Dar  
Amethyst of the Staunch:   Pavoratti  
Amulet of the Haven:   PuppetMaster  
Amygdalan Tendril:   Tuck  
Ancient Legwrap Pattern:   Dar  
Ancient Robe Pattern:   PuppetMaster  
Animating Force:   GuildBank×7  
Anizok's Bait Dispenser:     PuppetMaster  
Anizok's Maximizing Device:     PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Apatite:     TreeHugger  
Aqualung:     PuppetMaster×3  
Arch Magus Grimoire:     PuppetMaster  
Architect's Bejeweled Chestplate:   Pavoratti  
Armguards of Repentance:   Pavoratti  
Ash Covered Scrap Metal:   TreeHugger×2  
Ashlock Branch:   VendingMachine×3  
Aviak Eggs:     GuildBank×20  
Avian Key:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Axe of Destruction:   PuppetMaster  
Axgoreth's Belt of Defense:   Pavoratti  
Azia Counterclockwise Capping Rotator:   TreeHugger  
Backpack (no weight reduction):     Bilbo×5  
Badge of the Resolute Defender:   Pavoratti  
Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye (tradeable):   Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Bag of the Tinkerers:     PuppetMaster×6   TreeHugger   Tuck×7   (14)
Band of Mortality:   PuppetMaster  
Band of Smooth Granite:   TreeHugger  
Bands of the Scrykin Architect:   PuppetMaster  
Barkhem's Box:   TreeHugger  
Basilisk Egg:     GuildBank×3  
Bat Wing:     TreeHugger×99   VendingMachine×59   (158)
Battery Casing 3:     TreeHugger  
Battlecloak of Lost Souls:   Pavoratti  
Bauble of Rejuvenation:   Pavoratti  
Bauble of the New Year:   Pavoratti  
Bazu Claw Hammer:   Tuck  
Bazu Steel:     Dar  
Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety:   Pavoratti  
Bellows Crafted Cap:   Dar  
Belt of Concordance:   Pavoratti  
Besmirched Mask of Conception:   Pavoratti  
Beza Counterclockwise Capping Rotator:   TreeHugger  
Bile Drenched Jewel:   Bilbo  
Binding Powder:     GuildBank  
Bird Whistle:   TreeHugger  
Black Chaos Boots:   Pavoratti  
Black Chaos Breastplate:   Pavoratti  
Black Marble:     GuildBank×2  
Black Pearl:     VendingMachine×17  
Black Steel Wrap:   Dar  
Blackburrow Hunting Bow:   Tuck   VendingMachine   (2)
Blackburrow Opal:   TreeHugger  
Blessed Seeker Pendant:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   (2)
Blistering Tentacle:   Bilbo  
Blizzard Gem:   Pavoratti  
Block of Living Granite:     PuppetMaster  
Block of Mercurium:     Tuck×2  
Blood Raven Pinion Feather:   TreeHugger×3  
Blood Red Gem:   PuppetMaster  
Blood Runed Battle Wand:   PuppetMaster  
Bloodied Soil of Wit:   Tuck  
Bloodmoon Ritual Mantle:   VendingMachine  
Bloodmoon Signet Ring:   TreeHugger  
Bloodstained Cloak:   Dar  
Bloodstone:     GuildBank×10  
Bloody Drachnid Collarbone:   Tuck  
Blue Diamond:     Bilbo×8   GuildBank×86   TreeHugger×17   TreeHugger   (112)
Blue Diamond Electrum Earring (Enchanted):     PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Blue Flame Necklace:   Dar  
Blue Nightwort:     PuppetMaster×13  
Bobbenpin's Banner:   TreeHugger  
Boiling Lavaspinner Blood:   Pavoratti×5  
Bonded Loam:     GuildBank   TreeHugger×7   (8)
Bone Finger Key:   Tuck  
Bone Golem Greaves:   Pavoratti  
Bone Golem Vambraces:   Pavoratti  
Bone Mask of Horror:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Boneflow Stone:     TreeHugger  
Bony Dark Web Ring:   Tuck  
Book of Sketches:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Boots of Flowing Slime:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout:     TreeHugger  
Box of Souls:     PuppetMaster  
Bracelet of Exertion:   PuppetMaster  
Bracelet of Fortitude:   PuppetMaster  
Bracer of Benevolence:   Bilbo×2   Pavoratti×2   (4)
Bread Cakes*:   Dar×10  
Breath of Ro:     GuildBank  
Brick of Ethereal Energy:     GuildBank×12  
Brick of Knowledge:   Pavoratti  
Brigand's Chestguard:   Bilbo  
Bristlebane's Ticket of Admission:   Pavoratti×4   PuppetMaster×5   TreeHugger×5   Tuck×4   (18)
Broken Disk:   Dar  
Bronze Breastplate:   Bilbo  
Brownie Parts:     GuildBank×15   TreeHugger×8   (23)
Buccaneer's Belt:   Dar  
Bunch of Optic Nerves:   Tuck  
Bundle of Super Conductive Wires:     Bilbo   Tuck   (2)
Burning Embers:   Pavoratti  
Candy Jack-o-Lantern:   PuppetMaster  
Cap of Drowned Souls:   Tuck  
Caramel-Coated Candy Apple:   TreeHugger×10  
Casserole Dish:     Pavoratti  
Casserole Dish Sketch:     VendingMachine×4  
Cat Skull Cap:   Tuck  
Cavefish Goggles:   Pavoratti  
Celebratory Fireworks Caster:   Dar   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Celestial Cleanser:     Dar×20  
Celestial Essence:     Bilbo×52  
Celestial Temper:     PuppetMaster×59  
Ceramic Lining:     VendingMachine×14  
Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Chaos-Imbued Leather Sleeves:   Dar  
Chillform Choker:   VendingMachine  
Chipped Bone Rod:     Tuck×2  
Chipped Bone Rod Augmenter:     VendingMachine×5  
Chipped Ring of Bloodcalling:   PuppetMaster  
Chips of Granite:     Pavoratti  
Chronal Resonance Dust:     VendingMachine×20  
Chunk of Cazicite:     Tuck  
Chunk of Wind Metal:     Tuck   VendingMachine   (2)
Cicero's Torn Notebook:   Tuck  
Cipher of Veeshan (essences):   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Circled Toe Bones:   Tuck  
Citrine:     Tuck  
Citrine Spell Bauble:   TreeHugger  
Class "A" Cog:   TreeHugger×5  
Cloak of Regretful Transgressions:   Pavoratti  
Cloak of the Spirit Hunter:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Cloak of the Spirit Stalker:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Cloak of the Wrulons:   Dar  
Clockwork Carapace:     GuildBank   PuppetMaster   (2)
Clockwork Gear:     GuildBank×38  
Clockwork Gnome Bolts:     GuildBank×31  
Clockwork Gnome Gear:     GuildBank×40   VendingMachine×20   (60)
Clockwork Gnome Shaft:     GuildBank×26  
Clockwork Gnome Spring:     GuildBank×50  
Clockwork Grease:     GuildBank×40   PuppetMaster   (41)
Clockwork Key (movable teeth):   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
Clockwork Pinion Gear:     GuildBank×47  
Clockwork Sewing Kit:     PuppetMaster  
Cloth Cap (Veeshan's Swarm):   Dar   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl:   TreeHugger  
Clover (tradeskillable):     Bilbo  
Club of the Ice Ocean:   Dar  
Clump of Wax:     VendingMachine×16  
Coarse Salt:     Tuck×4  
Cobalt Ore:     Dar   GuildBank×50   (51)
Cod Oil:     VendingMachine×3  
Cohesion Gem:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Coiled Spring:     PuppetMaster×86  
Coldain Hunting Knife:     Pavoratti  
Collapsable Roboboar:     TreeHugger  
Collapsed Spit:     PuppetMaster  
Colossus Shard Earring:   Pavoratti  
Combine Signet Ring:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Combine Smithy Hammer:     TreeHugger  
Commemorative Copper Coin:   VendingMachine  
Completed Diaku Emblem:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Concentrated Grade AA Gormar Venom:     TreeHugger  
Control Setting Gears I, II, III, IV, and VII:   TreeHugger  
Corroded Chain Coif:   Pavoratti  
Corroded Chain Gauntlets:   Tuck  
Corroded Plate Boots:   Tuck  
Corroded Plate Bracer:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Corroded Plate Gauntlets:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Corrupted Netherstone Amulet:   TreeHugger  
Crank Handle with Silver Filigree:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Creamy Fennel Sauce:     VendingMachine×4  
Creeping Silk Strands (PoNightmares):   PuppetMaster  
Crescent Blades of Luclin:   Dar  
Crest of Valor:   Dar   Tuck   (2)
Crocodile Toe:   Pavoratti×2  
Crow Wing:   TreeHugger×6  
Crushbone Battle Beads:   PuppetMaster×3  
Crushed Black Marble:   VendingMachine  
Crystal Key:   Tuck  
Crystal-Adorned Cloak:   TreeHugger  
Crystalline Carapace (PoValor):   Bilbo  
Crystalline Globe:   Pavoratti  
Crystalline Silk:     Bilbo×5   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine×6   (12)
Crystalline Silk Swatch:     Tuck×7  
Crystalline Silk Thread:     PuppetMaster×3  
Crystalline Spider's Heart:   Bilbo   Tuck   (2)
Crystallized Sulfur:     Bilbo   Pavoratti×20   PuppetMaster×6   (27)
Cured Leather Tubing:     PuppetMaster  
Cursed Obsidian Faycite:   TreeHugger  
Curzon:     GuildBank×81   TreeHugger×91   (172)
Cyclamine Corm:     Bilbo×2  
Cylindrical Shard of Winter Steel:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Dagger of Dropping:   Bilbo  
Dagger of Rotting Flesh:   Dar  
Dagger*:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Damaged Muramite Battle Blade:     Pavoratti   PuppetMaster×18   VendingMachine×3   (22)
Damp Marrow:     GuildBank  
Dark Animist's Tunic:   Dar  
Dark Belt of Fangs:   Tuck  
Dark Feather Cloak:   Pavoratti   Tuck   VendingMachine   (3)
Dark Mail Gauntlets (a):   Dar×2  
Dark Matter:     PuppetMaster  
Dark Reign Token:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Dark Void Essence:   TreeHugger  
Dark Void Shoulders:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Darkbone Marrow:     PuppetMaster  
Darkened Enameled Black Chestplate (attunable):   Tuck  
Darkmatter Dust:     GuildBank×6  
Darkwood Staff:   Tuck  
Darkwood Trunk:   TreeHugger  
Darvual Crystal:   TreeHugger  
Dawnshroud Cider:     VendingMachine  
Deadwater Lute:   Pavoratti  
Deathless Mask:   Tuck  
Deathshed Priest Mantle:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Deep Forest Mushroom:     Tuck  
Deepbelly:   Pavoratti  
Deepwater Ink:     GuildBank×16  
Defiance:   Bilbo  
Deluxe Sewing Kit:     PuppetMaster×2   TreeHugger   Tuck×4   (7)
Deluxe Toolbox:     Bilbo×11   Dar×20   Pavoratti×16   PuppetMaster×2   PuppetMaster×16   TreeHugger×2   TreeHugger×17   Tuck×16   Tuck   VendingMachine×5   (103)
Delvian Goblin Tooth:   Pavoratti×5  
Dentrik's Dementia:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Depth Field Prototype Pinion I:   TreeHugger  
Derakor's Head:   TreeHugger  
Derakor's Heart:   Tuck  
Dew Clover:     PuppetMaster×3  
Diamond:     GuildBank×45  
Diamond Electrum Mask (Enchanted):     Tuck  
Direwrought Leather Sleeves:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Direwrought Mask:   VendingMachine  
Disc of the Dragon Kind:   TreeHugger  
Discordant Crystal Shard:   Pavoratti  
Discordant Scoriae:     TreeHugger   VendingMachine×8   (9)
Distillate of Celestial Healing XIII:     TreeHugger  
Distillate of Clarity X:     TreeHugger×60  
Document Sample (beza):   PuppetMaster  
Document Sample (zeka):   PuppetMaster  
Drachnid Blood:     PuppetMaster×20  
Drachnid Bone Mantle:   Pavoratti  
Drachnid Silk:     Pavoratti  
Drachnid Silk Swatch:     PuppetMaster×15   Tuck×15   (30)
Drachnid Skin Girdle:   Pavoratti  
Drachnid Skin Necklace:   Pavoratti  
Dragon Meat:     VendingMachine×2  
Dragorn Blood:     Pavoratti×4  
Dragorn Heirloom Battlemail:   VendingMachine  
Dragorn Muramite Insignia Necklace:   TreeHugger  
Drake Egg:     GuildBank×2   Tuck×17   (19)
Drake Egg Oil:     VendingMachine×6  
Drake Saliva:     PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Drake Wing Bones:     GuildBank×4   Pavoratti×3   (7)
Dranik Blood Standard:   Pavoratti  
Dranik Incense Burner:   Pavoratti×2  
Drape of Redfeather:   VendingMachine  
Drape of the Proud:   Bilbo  
Drape of the Waterborn:   Dar   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Dreadfall Pike:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Dripping Grimcoat Earring:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Drop of Mercury:     PuppetMaster×3   Tuck×107   (110)
Drowned Man's Hair:   PuppetMaster  
Druadic Chillhide Armwraps:   TreeHugger  
Druadic Chillhide Boots:   TreeHugger  
Druadic Chillhide Leggings:   TreeHugger  
Druadic Chromahide Tunic:   TreeHugger  
Dry Treant Branch:     GuildBank×3  
Ductile Loam:     TreeHugger×2  
Dull Bone Key:   PuppetMaster  
Dull Stone of Sorrow:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Durus Faycite Shard: Solemn Elixir:   Tuck  
Duskfall Chronicles:   TreeHugger  
Dust of Decay:     GuildBank×16  
Dusty Green Tunic*:   Dar  
Dusty Soriz Worker Pouch:   Bilbo  
Dwarf Meat:     Tuck×7  
Dweric Powder:     Dar×187   GuildBank×107   TreeHugger×52   (346)
Earring of Purity:   Tuck  
Earring of Temporal Solstice:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Earring of the Arts:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Earring of the Solstice:     Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Earth Essence:   TreeHugger  
Earthweave Pantaloons:     PuppetMaster  
Eerie Wurine Hoop:   Pavoratti  
Elaborate Binding Powder:     GuildBank×34  
Elaborate Defiant Chain Bracer:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Elaborate Defiant Chain Coif:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Chain Gauntlets:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Cutlass:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Flint Spear:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Kama:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Elaborate Defiant Leather Cap:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Elaborate Defiant Leather Trousers:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Leather Tunic:   PuppetMaster  
Elaborate Defiant Minotaur Staff:   Tuck  
Elaborate Defiant Plate Boots:   VendingMachine×2  
Elaborate Defiant Rapier:   VendingMachine×2  
Elaborate Defiant Recurve Bow:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Silk Pantaloons:   VendingMachine  
Elaborate Defiant Silk Robe:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Elaborate Defiant Silk Sleeves:   VendingMachine×2  
Elaborate Defiant Spikemaul:   Dar   VendingMachine×2   (3)
Elaborate Metalofiber Armband:     PuppetMaster×2  
Elaborate Shadowrise Armband:     Dar×2  
Elaborate Shadowrise Boots:     Dar  
Elaborate Shadowrise Cuirass:     Dar  
Elaborate Shadowrise Greaves:     Dar  
Elaborate Shadowrise Helm:     Dar  
Elaborate Tyrant Adamantite Bar:     Tuck×9  
Elegant Combatant's Shard:   TreeHugger×2  
Elegant Defiant Buckler:   VendingMachine  
Elegant Defiant Chain Bracer:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Goshenite:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Elegant Defiant Knuckle Guards:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Leather Boots:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Leather Bracer:   Dar×2  
Elegant Defiant Leather Cap:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Leather Gloves:   Dar   Tuck   (2)
Elegant Defiant Leather Sleeves:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Leather Tunic:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Nightstone:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Elegant Defiant Plate Boots:   Dar×2  
Elegant Defiant Plate Gauntlets:   Tuck  
Elegant Defiant Plate Helm:   VendingMachine  
Elegant Defiant Plate Vambraces:   Dar   Tuck   (2)
Elegant Defiant Silk Cap:   PuppetMaster  
Elegant Defiant Silk Pantaloons:   Dar  
Elegant Defiant Silk Sleeves:   PuppetMaster×2  
Elegant Defiant Square Hammer:   Dar×2  
Element of Earth:   PuppetMaster  
Element of Fire:   PuppetMaster  
Element of Water:   PuppetMaster  
Elemental Binder:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Elemental Bracelet of the Prime:     PuppetMaster  
Elemental Cap of the Prime:     PuppetMaster  
Elemental Sleeves of the Prime:     PuppetMaster  
Elementary Binding Powder:     GuildBank  
Elixir of the Beast VII:     PuppetMaster×9  
Emberflow Stone:     PuppetMaster  
Embroidered Shawl Pattern:     Tuck  
Embroidering Needle:     TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Emerald (generic):     Dar×5   PuppetMaster×4   (9)
Emerald of the New Year:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (4)
Empty Vial (tradeskill):     PuppetMaster×13  
Enchanted Ring of Torden:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Energized Hydraulic Rod:   PuppetMaster  
Energized Wire Coil:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Enforcer Stone:     PuppetMaster×2  
Engraved Di'Zok Deathbringer:   Tuck  
Engraved Spiral Conch:   Pavoratti  
Entariz's Talisman:   Dar  
Entwood Mace:   Dar  
Epaulettes of the Ageless:   Dar  
Eroded Leather Leggings:   Pavoratti  
Eroded Leather Sleeves:   TreeHugger  
Eroded Leather Tunic:   TreeHugger  
Essence of Sunlight:     Pavoratti  
Essence of Wind:     VendingMachine×14  
Essence of Winter:     VendingMachine  
Eternal Ice Prism of Sense:   Tuck  
Ethereal Mist Boots:   Tuck  
Ethereal Plate Bracers (PoR):   Pavoratti  
Ethereal Sheet of Metal:     Tuck×5  
Ethereal Silk Swatch:     Tuck×6  
Excellent Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×7  
Excellent Marrow:     GuildBank×16   Pavoratti   (17)
Excellent Spinneret Fluid:     TreeHugger  
Exceptional Shissar Blood:     Bilbo   Tuck×3   VendingMachine   (5)
Expert Tailor Trophy:     Tuck  
Exquisite Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×5  
Exquisite Silk:     GuildBank×13  
Exquisite Spinneret Fluid:     TreeHugger  
Eye of Roloff:   Pavoratti  
Fabled Ancient Fossil:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Band of Eternal Flame:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Blood Earring of Rage:   Pavoratti  
Fabled Cloak of the Ry'Gorr Oracles:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Crown of Torment:   Pavoratti  
Fabled Crystal Chitin Shield:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Crystalline Eye:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Dread Shield of the Slayer:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Elder Spiritist's Boots:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Fire Idol:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Gloves of Earthcrafting:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Innovators Ring:   Tuck  
Fabled Journeyman's Boots:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Fabled Lodizal Shell Shield:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Fabled Lucid Shard:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Fabled Malarian Leg Ear Stud:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Netherbian Chitin:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Obulus Mantle:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Orb of the Infinite Void:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Fabled Pearlescent Gemstone:   PuppetMaster  
Fabled Ring of the Shissar:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Fabled Rockhopper Spirit Fetish:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Fabled Sash of the Dragonborn:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Savage Platinum Fists:   Dar  
Fabled Scroll of Knowledge:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Shaded Cloak:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Fabled Shissar Eye Earring:   VendingMachine  
Fabled Soiled Breechclout:   TreeHugger  
Fabled Supple Scale Armband:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Fabled Tolapumj's Robe:   PuppetMaster  
Fabled Tormentor's Chain Collar:   TreeHugger  
Fabled War Magus' Arrow Guard:   PuppetMaster  
Faceted Crystal:     VendingMachine×9  
Faceted Lightstone:     TreeHugger  
Faded Salil's Writ Page (153L):     Dar×2  
Faded Salil's Writ Page (90R):     Pavoratti  
Faithful Templar Belt:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Faithstone of Mischief:     Tuck  
Fearpoint:   Bilbo  
Feathered Cape:   PuppetMaster  
Feerrott Alligator Charm:     TreeHugger  
Fellowship Registration Insignia:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Festive Doll:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   VendingMachine   (5)
Fetid Slime:     Bilbo×6  
File:     PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
Filleting Knife:     TreeHugger  
Fine Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×6  
Fine Bone Chips:     GuildBank×26  
Fine Silk:     GuildBank×10  
Fine Spinneret Fluid:     GuildBank×4  
Fine Steel Great Staff:     TreeHugger  
Fire Beetle Eye:     TreeHugger  
Fire Emerald:     Bilbo×2   Pavoratti   (3)
Fire Mephit Blood:     VendingMachine  
Fire Opal:     Bilbo×3  
Fireworks Focus of Veeshan:   Dar   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Fish Scales:     TreeHugger×286  
Fishbone Dart Tool:     VendingMachine  
Fisherman's Companion:     TreeHugger  
Flake of Lodestone:     Pavoratti  
Flame of Vox (original):     GuildBank×2  
Flame-Tempered Girdle:   Tuck  
Flawed Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×20  
Flawless Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×9  
Flawless Gray Gemstone of Knowledge:   Tuck×6  
Flawless Rockhopper Hide:     Tuck×2  
Flawless Silk:     GuildBank×11  
Flawless Spinneret Fluid:     Bilbo   GuildBank   (2)
Flawless Turquoise Fragment of Intellect:   PuppetMaster  
Flawless Yellow Sphere of Fortitude:   Tuck×3  
Flickering Powersource (tSS):   Dar   TreeHugger×2   (3)
Flowing Black Silk Sash (a):   Dar  
Flowing Cape of Grief:   Pavoratti  
Foreign Power Source:   TreeHugger  
Forhal's Gauntlets:   Pavoratti  
Fortunisa's Arcane Nightcloak:   Tuck  
Fortunisa's Nightcloak:   Dar   Tuck   (2)
Forwards Axis Spring VI:   TreeHugger  
Foul Smelling Liquid:     TreeHugger  
Foul-Smelling Gore Belt:   Tuck  
Fractured Obsidian Band:   Tuck  
Freemind Spore Earring:   TreeHugger  
Freetide Silk Swatch:     PuppetMaster×10  
Freshman Smith Trophy:     PuppetMaster  
Frost Crystal:     Dar  
Frost Giant Meat:     Dar×19  
Frost Giant Toes:     Bilbo   Dar×4   (5)
Frosted Chain Link:   PuppetMaster  
Frosted Scrap Metal:   PuppetMaster  
Frosted Swatch:   TreeHugger×8  
Frosty Key:   Tuck  
Frozen Crystal Shard (OoW):   TreeHugger  
Frozen Elixir:   Pavoratti  
Fulginate Ore:     GuildBank×8  
Fungoid Sap:     PuppetMaster  
Fungus Clump:     Dar×2  
Fur-Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl:     PuppetMaster  
Furious Visage:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Fused Loam:     GuildBank  
Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000:     Tuck×7  
Gargoyle Granite:     GuildBank×4  
Gargoyle Talon:   Bilbo  
Gauntlets of Vengeful Fury:     Tuck  
Gears:     PuppetMaster×11   VendingMachine   (12)
Geerlok All Purpose Baking Utensil:     Tuck  
Geerlok Automated Hammer:     TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Geerlok Automated Quill:     PuppetMaster  
Geerlok Clockwork Contraption:     PuppetMaster  
Geerlok Sewing Contraption:     PuppetMaster×2  
Gem of Bolstered Power:   TreeHugger  
Gem of Conquest:   PuppetMaster  
Gem of Rage:   Bilbo  
Gemstone of Emperor Draygun:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Gemstone of the New Year:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Geode:     Dar  
Ghoulbane:   TreeHugger  
Giant Needlite Wing:   Dar  
Giant Warrior Helmet:   Bilbo×6  
Gifilnos' Miraculous Hunting Bag:   Dar  
Gifilnos' Prized Hunting Bag:   Dar   PuppetMaster   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (4)
Gilded Bow of the Hunter:   Dar  
Gilded Shoulderpads:   Pavoratti  
Girdle of the Tormentor:   Pavoratti  
Gladiator's Chain Leggings:   Bilbo  
Gladiator's Chain Sleeves:   Bilbo  
Gleaming Hoop of the Silverwing:   Dar  
Glistening Murkglider Pelt:   PuppetMaster  
Glittering Ring:     VendingMachine×2  
Globe of Dancing Flame:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
Globe of Discordant Energy:   Tuck  
Glossy Silk Robe:   PuppetMaster  
Glove of Rallos Zek:     Dar×4   GuildBank×2   (6)
Gloves of Control:   PuppetMaster  
Gloves of the Brood:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Glowgem:     PuppetMaster  
Glowing Fish Scale:   Pavoratti   VendingMachine   (2)
Glowing Orb:   Tuck  
Glowing Orb of Luclinite:   Dar  
Glowing Orb of the Stormwatcher:   Tuck  
Glowing Othni Gloves:   VendingMachine  
Glowing Othni Leggings:   VendingMachine  
Glowing Othni Wristband:   VendingMachine×2  
Glowing Sandstone of Focus:   Tuck  
Glowrock:     Tuck×3  
Glowstone:     Tuck×6  
Glume'Inas the Rancid:   TreeHugger  
Glyphed Boots of Conflict:   Pavoratti  
Gnoll Fur Patch:     Bilbo×2  
Gnoll Fur Patch Quarter:     Bilbo  
Gnollish Chain Gauntlets (attunable):   VendingMachine  
Gnome Blood:   GuildBank×3  
Gnomish Firework (Blazing Comet):     PuppetMaster  
Gnomish Smithy Hammer (DoN):     PuppetMaster  
Goblin Warlord's Beads:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   (2)
Gold Inlaid Ulak:   Dar  
Golden Blue Diamond Pendant (Enchanted):     Tuck  
Golden Ember Powder:     GuildBank×20  
Golden Shiliskin Tentacle Ring:   PuppetMaster  
Golem Spines:   Bilbo  
Goranga Idol:   Dar  
Gravelskin Gloves:   VendingMachine  
Grease:     TreeHugger  
Great Reptile Hide:     PuppetMaster  
Greater Lightstone:     GuildBank  
Greaves of Vengeful Fury:     Tuck  
Green Goblin Skin:     PuppetMaster   Tuck×5   (6)
Grilling Sauce:     VendingMachine×18  
Grimy Papyrus:     TreeHugger  
Grinning Death:   Tuck  
Grubby Fine Parchment:     TreeHugger  
Guardian Expediator Mark I:   TreeHugger  
Guardian Expediator Mark II:   TreeHugger  
Guardian Expediator Mark III:   TreeHugger  
Guardian Expediator Mark IV:   TreeHugger  
Guise of the Hunter:   Pavoratti  
Gunthak Gulf Water:     TreeHugger  
Gutting Knife:     TreeHugger  
Gyro Core Re-gearing Kit:   TreeHugger  
Halo of the Enlightened:   Tuck  
Hand Made Backpack:     Bilbo×2   Pavoratti×2   Tuck   (5)
Hand of Glory:   Pavoratti  
Hand-Formed Bottle:     VendingMachine×2  
Hard Layered Mask:   Pavoratti  
Hardened Slime Cudgel:   TreeHugger  
Hargar Brand Fishing Pail:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
Harmonagate:     GuildBank×37   Pavoratti   VendingMachine×3   (41)
Harmony of the Soul:     Tuck  
Harnessed Soul Gem:   PuppetMaster  
Harrion Larvae Flesh:   Tuck  
Harrowing Black Silk Cape:   PuppetMaster  
Healer's Gorget of Aid:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Heart of the Sky:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Heavy Iron Spike:   Dar  
Heavy Rubicite Girdle:   Bilbo  
Helm of Vengeful Fury:     Tuck  
Hemic Marrow:     GuildBank×6  
Hero Bracers:   Bilbo  
Hero Parts:     Bilbo×40   Dar×8   PuppetMaster×4   (52)
Hierophant's Cloak (any class):   Dar  
High Quality Bear Skin:     Pavoratti   Tuck×5   (6)
High Quality Cougarskin:     Pavoratti×2  
High Quality Metal Bits:     Tuck×19  
High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt:     Pavoratti  
History of the Di`zok:   VendingMachine  
Hive Caretaker Cuffs:   PuppetMaster  
Hive Silk Cloak:   Tuck  
Hive Silk Mask:   Tuck  
Hive Silk Pearl Necklace:   PuppetMaster  
Hivegrime Stone of Avoidance:   Pavoratti  
Hivegrime Stone of Faith:   TreeHugger  
Hivegrime Stone of Nullification:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Hivegrime Stone of Willpower:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Hobgoblin Meat:     GuildBank×2  
Hoop of the Drakeborn:   Pavoratti  
Horizontal Rotational Cam IV:   TreeHugger  
Huge Disenchanted Backpack:     PuppetMaster×3  
Hynid Blood:     PuppetMaster   VendingMachine×3   (4)
Ice Burrower Meat:   PuppetMaster  
Ice Burrower Skin:   Dar  
Iceborn Granite:   Tuck  
Icehaven Pauldron:   Pavoratti  
Icy Cinch of Hope:   TreeHugger  
Idol of the Thorned:   Dar  
Igneous Cairn Stone:   PuppetMaster  
Iksar Berserker Club:   Dar  
Illsalin Templar Medal:   TreeHugger  
Imbued Ivory:     VendingMachine  
Immaculate Silk:     GuildBank×2  
Impeccable Kirin Horn:   Tuck  
Imprecise Fluctuator Mechanotablet:     Tuck  
Infected Rat Livers:     VendingMachine  
Ingrown Yuundu Toenail:   Tuck  
Innovative Clockwork Bolts:     PuppetMaster×3  
Innovative Clockwork Gears:     PuppetMaster×11  
Instruction Parchment:     GuildBank×7  
Intricate Binding Powder:     GuildBank×2  
Intricate Servolink Bronze Bar:     PuppetMaster×44  
Intricate Starglow Sleeves:     VendingMachine×2  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Bard):   Pavoratti  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Beastlord):   Dar  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Cleric):   Tuck  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Druid):   TreeHugger  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Magician):   PuppetMaster  
Intricate Wooden Figurine (Rogue):   Bilbo  
Inverted Left Curved Spatial Adjuster:   TreeHugger  
Iridium Ore:     GuildBank×2  
Iron Oxide:     PuppetMaster   VendingMachine×5   (6)
Iron Scream Earring:   Bilbo  
Ironflame Gorget of Steam:   Tuck  
Jacinth:     Bilbo×2   Tuck×6   (8)
Jade Chokidai Prod (shm only):   Dar  
Jade Mace:   Dar  
Jade Shard:     Tuck×4  
Jadestone of the New Year:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Jagged Coral Choker:   Pavoratti  
Jagged Metal Knuckles:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Jasir's Work Order:   TreeHugger  
Jawbreaker:   PuppetMaster  
Jeweled Belt of the Lost:   PuppetMaster  
Jonas Dagmire's Ring Finger Distal Phalanx:   Tuck  
Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Jord Meat:     Bilbo×13  
Journal of Aataltaal:   VendingMachine  
Journeyman Smith Trophy:     TreeHugger  
Kaladim Constitutional:     TreeHugger×347  
Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch (tradeable):   TreeHugger  
Kerafyrm's Blessed Essence:   TreeHugger×4  
Kerafyrm's Blessed Gemstone:   TreeHugger×2  
Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings:     TreeHugger  
Key of Beasts:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Key of Misfortune:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Key of Swords:     Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Key of the Misplaced:     Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Key of Veeshan:   PuppetMaster  
Key to Charasis:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Khashek's Katar:   Dar  
Kirin Horn:     Tuck  
Knotted Turtlebone Ring:   PuppetMaster  
Knuckle Joint:     PuppetMaster×3  
Korlach Sacrifice Plate:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Korlach Signet Collar:   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Kromrif Head:   Dar×5  
Kromzek Supply Orders:   Pavoratti  
Krupp's Drape of Exploration:   Dar  
Kuuan Whetstone:   GuildBank×2  
Lacquered Star Ruby:     Tuck×2  
Ladislev's Toolbox:   Pavoratti  
Lady's Mantle:     Bilbo  
Large Brick of Mercurium:     Tuck×5  
Large Disenchanted Backpack:   PuppetMaster  
Large Flickering Powersource:   TreeHugger×2  
Large Sewing Kit:     Bilbo   Dar   (2)
Lava Rock:     Tuck  
Leatherfoot Haversack:     TreeHugger  
Legend of Lies:   Dar  
Legends of Norrath Booster Pack:   Tuck  
Legends of Norrath Starter Deck:   PuppetMaster  
Legends of Norrath: Ancient Guardian:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Ashteth:   PuppetMaster  
Legends of Norrath: Battle Master Ska`tu:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Bridge to Chardok:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Echo of Chardok:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Entrance Hall:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Front Antechamber:   VendingMachine  
Legends of Norrath: Iksar Collaborator:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Imperial Advisor:   TreeHugger×2  
Legends of Norrath: Library:   TreeHugger   VendingMachine   (2)
Legends of Norrath: Oathbreaker Booster Pack:   PuppetMaster  
Legends of Norrath: Out of the Shadows:   VendingMachine  
Legends of Norrath: Sebilis Spirits:   Dar  
Legends of Norrath: Sovereign Rage:   TreeHugger  
Legends of Norrath: Terrorantula:   Pavoratti  
Legends of Norrath: Woe Be to Those:   VendingMachine  
Lemming Fur:     Dar×4   PuppetMaster×86   (90)
Lesser Muramite Rune:   PuppetMaster×2  
Lesser Shadowspine Rune:   Dar  
Light Burlap Sack (tradeable):   Bilbo   Dar   Pavoratti   (3)
Light Celestine Faycite Shard:   TreeHugger  
Lightning Gem:   Pavoratti  
Lightstone:     TreeHugger  
Livestone Plate Breastplate:     Tuck  
Loaf of Baked Jumjum:   VendingMachine×100  
Lockpicks:     Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Lodizal Shell Shield:   Bilbo   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   (4)
Lorekeeper Charm Necklace:   Dar  
Low Quality Cat Pelt:     Pavoratti  
Low Quality Dire Wolf Fur:     Dar  
Lucid Shard (Ved - Acrylia Caverns):   Dar  
Lucidem:     GuildBank×104  
Luminescent Mask:   Pavoratti  
Lunar Fungus:   TreeHugger  
Lute of the Howler:   Pavoratti  
Magmaraug's Burning Essence:   Dar  
Magnanimous Icy Stud:   TreeHugger  
Magnetic Metal Brick:     GuildBank×2  
Magnetized Bolts:     VendingMachine  
Malachite:     PuppetMaster×89   Tuck×100   (189)
Malleable Loam:     GuildBank×6  
Mana Battery - Class Five:     PuppetMaster×15   TreeHugger   (16)
Mana Battery - Class One:     PuppetMaster×4  
Mana Battery - Class Six:     Pavoratti×6   PuppetMaster×12   (18)
Mana Battery - Class Three:     PuppetMaster×13  
Mana-Fused Plate Gauntlets:   Tuck  
Mana-Fused Plate Greaves:   Tuck  
Mangled Magnetized Leggings:     PuppetMaster  
Mantle of Fire:   Bilbo  
Mantle of the Architect:   PuppetMaster  
Mantle of the Rainmaker:   Pavoratti  
Map of Old Kuua:   TreeHugger  
Mark of Execution:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (4)
Mark of Karana:     TreeHugger  
Mark of Lunacy:   TreeHugger  
Mark of Rallos Zek:   TreeHugger×5  
Mark of Torture:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Marked Glowing Staff:   TreeHugger  
Marsh Algae:     Tuck×7  
Marsh Gas:     Tuck  
Martune Rapier:   Pavoratti  
Mask of Deception (old world):   Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Mask of Simmering Storms:   Dar  
Mask of the Deathbringer:   PuppetMaster  
Mask of the Grumpy Goblin:   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (4)
Mask of the Mighty Minotaur:   Dar   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Mask Pattern:     VendingMachine  
Master Mechanist Trophy:     PuppetMaster  
Mastruq's Broken Facemask:   Pavoratti  
Mastruq's Clawed Finger:   Pavoratti×2  
Mature Drake Saliva:     PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Mechanical Clockwork Venom:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (4)
Mechanized Lockpicks:     Bilbo  
Mechano-Tool Kit:   TreeHugger  
Meditation Stone:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Medium Quality Hynid Hide:     Pavoratti   VendingMachine   (2)
Mephit Wings (medium):   Tuck  
Metal Bits:     PuppetMaster  
Metal Pipe (Fi):   PuppetMaster  
Metal Rod:     PuppetMaster×13  
Metal Twine:     TreeHugger  
Meteor Dust:     Dar×2  
Micro-Cog:   TreeHugger×5  
Mini-gyro Shields:   Tuck  
Minor Muramite Rune:   PuppetMaster  
Minotaur Meat:     GuildBank×38  
Mischievous Platemail Bracer:     Tuck×2  
Mischievous Platemail Breastplate:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Collar:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Gauntlets:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Girdle:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Greaves:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Helm:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Pauldrons:     Tuck  
Mischievous Platemail Vambraces:     Tuck  
Misty Thicket Picnic:     TreeHugger×58  
Modest Binding Powder:     GuildBank×4  
Mold For Gnomish Boots:     PuppetMaster×84  
Mold For Gnomish Chestplates:     PuppetMaster×100  
Mold For Gnomish Gloves:     PuppetMaster×100  
Mold For Gnomish Helms:     PuppetMaster×86  
Mold For Gnomish Leggings:     PuppetMaster×100  
Mold For Gnomish Sleeves:     PuppetMaster×100  
Mold For Gnomish Wristguards:     PuppetMaster×36  
Mold for Halfling Boots:     Tuck×200  
Mold for Halfling Chestplates:     Tuck×184  
Mold for Halfling Gloves:     Tuck×109  
Mold for Halfling Helms:     Tuck×200  
Mold for Halfling Leggings:     Tuck×148  
Mold for Halfling Sleeves:     Tuck×7  
Mold for Halfling Wristguards:     Tuck×400  
Molten Metal Bow Cam:     VendingMachine×69  
Monocle of Blood:   TreeHugger  
Moonstone Crystal:     GuildBank×5   PuppetMaster×8   (13)
Mortar and Pestle (tradeable):     Pavoratti  
Mottled Hide:     Tuck×2  
Mound of Living Stone:   PuppetMaster  
Mrylokar's Helm:   Bilbo  
Mud Covered Earring:   Tuck  
Muddy Shawl:   Dar  
Muramite Blood:     Tuck  
Muramite Dragorn Slaver Whip:   PuppetMaster×2   Tuck×3   (5)
Muramite Etched Scales:     Pavoratti×3  
Murkglider Claw:   VendingMachine  
Mushroom Veil:   Bilbo  
Nanzie's Handkerchief:   TreeHugger  
Natural Silk:     GuildBank×6  
Nature Walkers Scimitar:   TreeHugger  
Necklace of Grimspirit Beads:   Tuck  
Necklace of Living Ice:   VendingMachine  
Necklace of the Arch Scrykin:   Pavoratti  
Necklace of the Melodic Dragon:   Pavoratti  
Needlite Legs:     Dar×5  
Needlite Wings:   Dar×4  
Nettling Wraith Stinger:   Bilbo   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Nightmarish Bone Ring:   Bilbo  
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 401:     Bilbo  
Nodding Blue Lily:     Tuck×50  
Non-Stick Frying Pan:     Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Norrath's Keepers Token:   Dar  
North Wing Key:   Bilbo  
Obsidianwood Bow Staff:     VendingMachine×3  
Oil Soaked Traveling Cloak:   TreeHugger  
Oily Crystal Shard:   TreeHugger  
Onyx:     GuildBank×4  
Opal:     PuppetMaster×64   TreeHugger×59   Tuck×9   (132)
Opal Encrusted Stein:     Bilbo×2   PuppetMaster×3   (5)
Orb of the Infinite Void:   PuppetMaster  
Orcish Slaver's Harness (7):   Dar   TreeHugger   Tuck   VendingMachine   (4)
Ornate Barding:   TreeHugger  
Ornate Binding Powder:     GuildBank×15  
Ornate Charm Pattern:     Tuck×200  
Ornate Lightring Mercurium Bar:     Tuck×22  
Ornate Servolink Bronze Bar:     PuppetMaster×20  
Othmir Fur Cap:     Dar  
Oxidized Steel Plate:   PuppetMaster×5  
Padded Steel Woven Belt:   Bilbo  
Pain-Suffused Mask:   Tuck  
Palace Key:   Bilbo  
Palladium Diamond Veil:     VendingMachine×6  
Palladium Jacinth Wedding Ring:     VendingMachine×18  
Parrying Dagger:     Bilbo  
Patch of Gnoll Fur:     Bilbo×3  
Pattern for Gnomish Boots:     PuppetMaster×47  
Pattern for Gnomish Gloves:     PuppetMaster×100  
Pattern for Gnomish Helms:     PuppetMaster×100  
Pattern for Gnomish Leggings:     PuppetMaster×100  
Pattern for Gnomish Sleeves:     PuppetMaster×27  
Pattern for Gnomish Tunics:     PuppetMaster×100  
Pattern for Gnomish Wristguards:     PuppetMaster×126  
Pattern for Halfling Boots:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Gloves:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Helms:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Leggings:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Sleeves:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Tunics:     Tuck×200  
Pattern for Halfling Wristguards:     Tuck×200  
Patty Melt:     VendingMachine×166  
Pearl:     PuppetMaster×65   Tuck×100   (165)
Pearlescent Fragment (towards cleric epic):   Tuck  
Pendant of the Triumphant Victor:   Bilbo  
Perfect Sapphire of Insight (type 7):   Tuck×4  
Peridot:     Dar×19   PuppetMaster×10   Tuck×337   (366)
Petrified Korlach Stone Shield:   Tuck  
Petrified Splinterstaff:   TreeHugger  
Petrified Werewolf Skull:   Bilbo  
Phase Spider Blood:   Pavoratti  
Phenocryst's Focus:   PuppetMaster  
Phosphorous Powder:     GuildBank×42  
Piece of a Medallion (Middle of Kylong - Karnor's Castle):   TreeHugger  
Piece of a Medallion (Top of Kylong - Chardok):   Bilbo  
Piece of Parchment:     PuppetMaster×15  
Piece of Scarecrow Straw:   TreeHugger  
Piece of the Crystalline Globe (orb):   Bilbo   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (3)
Pile of Gravel:     VendingMachine  
Pinion:     PuppetMaster×11  
Pitted Mask of Sorrows:   Pavoratti  
Planar Fruit Pies:     VendingMachine×162  
Planar Steel Bow Cam:     VendingMachine×7  
Platinum Efreeti Boots:   TreeHugger  
Platinum Efreeti Bracer:   TreeHugger  
Platinum Efreeti Chestplate:   TreeHugger  
Platinum Efreeti Gauntlets:   TreeHugger  
Platinum Efreeti Greaves:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Platinum Efreeti Helm:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Platinum Etched Reinforced Rod:   Dar  
Platinum Thread:     Dar×2  
Polished Blue Softstone:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Polished Quartz:     Dar×2  
Porous Loam:     GuildBank×4   Tuck   VendingMachine×14   (19)
Potion of Adventure II:   Dar   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Powder of Ro:     GuildBank  
Poxysmit's Amalgamator Cover:     GuildBank×2  
Poxysmit's Amalgamator Frame:     GuildBank  
Precious Gemstone Adorned Mask:   PuppetMaster  
Preserved Orc Hide:   PuppetMaster×3  
Prestidigitase:     GuildBank×50  
Prismatic Crystal Charm:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
Prismatic Dust:   Dar  
Prismatic Dye:     Tuck  
Prismatic Essence (augment):   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Prismatic Soulstone:   Bilbo  
Prismatic Stone:   TreeHugger  
Pristine Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×13   PuppetMaster×2   (15)
Pristine Bazu Skin:     Tuck×3  
Pristine Illsalin Stonecraft Mask:   Tuck  
Pristine Pearl of Magical Warding:   Bilbo  
Pristine Prism of Lucidity:   Tuck  
Pristine Shroud of the Fallen Guard:   Pavoratti  
Pristine Silk:     GuildBank×41  
Pristine Spinneret Fluid:     GuildBank×10  
Pulsing Blue Vial:     VendingMachine  
Pure Celestine Faycite Shard:   TreeHugger  
Pure Discordant Blood:   Bilbo×4   VendingMachine   (5)
Pyrilen Brain:     Tuck  
Pyrilen Essence:   PuppetMaster  
Pyrilen Flame:     VendingMachine  
Quarter of a Diaku Emblem (bottom left):   Bilbo  
Quarter of a Diaku Emblem (top right):   Bilbo  
Quicklime:     VendingMachine×2  
Quintessence of Sand:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Radiant Cut Emberflow Stone:     VendingMachine  
Radiant Cut Mossflow Stone:     VendingMachine  
Radiant Cut Voidflow Stone:     VendingMachine  
Ragebringer:   Bilbo  
Rallic Pack:     Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Rattle of the Easily Amused:   Pavoratti  
Raw Amber Nihilite:     GuildBank×53  
Raw Dark Matter:     Pavoratti   PuppetMaster×8   (9)
Raw Diamond:     GuildBank×15   Pavoratti   (16)
Raw Faycite Crystal:     GuildBank×285   TreeHugger×51   (336)
Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide:     VendingMachine  
Raw Indigo Nihilite:     GuildBank×52  
Raw Shimmering Nihilite:     Dar   GuildBank×40   (41)
Razorfiend's Heart:   Bilbo  
Red Cups:     VendingMachine×3  
Regrua Claws:     GuildBank  
Rhenium Ore:     GuildBank×8  
Right Curved Spatial Adjuster:   TreeHugger  
Ring of Architectural Mastery:   Pavoratti  
Ring of Dark Mists:   Pavoratti  
Ring of Marr:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   Tuck   (3)
Ring of Restless Sleep:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Ring of Righteous Fury:   Dar  
Ring of the Ancients:   Pavoratti  
Ring of the Shissar:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Ring of Torden (container):   Bilbo  
Ring of Unsung Legends:   Pavoratti  
Robe of Ancient Earth:     PuppetMaster  
Robe of Benevolence:   PuppetMaster  
Rock Candy (a):   PuppetMaster  
Rod (caza):     Tuck  
Rolled Discordant Parchment:   GuildBank×2   VendingMachine   (3)
Rough Formed Potion Vial:     VendingMachine  
Rough Pyrite Nugget:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Rowyl's Greaves of Nature:   TreeHugger  
Royal Attendant Boots of Sand (1/2/3):   Tuck  
Royal Platinum Choker:   Pavoratti  
Rubicite Ore:     GuildBank×8  
Rugged Murkglider Skin:   PuppetMaster  
Rune Binding Powder:     Bilbo  
Rune of Draconic Wisdom:   TreeHugger  
Rune of Impulse:     Pavoratti  
Rune of Yuisaha:   TreeHugger  
Runebranded Girdle:   Dar  
Runed Diamond:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Runed Gargoyle Tooth:   TreeHugger  
Runed Shell Necklace:   Tuck×2  
Runic Gemstone:   Dar   Tuck   (2)
Rushing Wind Longbow:   Bilbo  
Rye of Eternity:     Bilbo×5   Dar×5   Pavoratti×13   PuppetMaster×9   Tuck×5   (37)
Sabertooth Horn:   Tuck  
Sable Lined Mantle:   Bilbo  
Saltbond Earring:   Tuck   VendingMachine   (2)
Saltpeter:     Dar×2   GuildBank×7   PuppetMaster×58   (67)
Salus Faycite Shard: Eleventh-Hour:   Tuck  
Salus Faycite Shard: Puravida:   TreeHugger  
Salus Faycite Shard: Solemn Light:   Tuck  
Salus Faycite Shard: Solemn Remedy:   Tuck  
Sample of Taelosian Sludge:     Pavoratti  
Sand of Ro:     Pavoratti×2   VendingMachine×5   (7)
Sand Verbena:     Dar×3  
Sandals of Empowerment:   PuppetMaster  
Sandalwood:     Bilbo  
Sandblasted Signet:   TreeHugger  
Sandstorm Gem:   Bilbo   PuppetMaster   (2)
Sanguine Tome:   VendingMachine  
Sapphire:     Dar  
Saprophytic Moss:     VendingMachine×20  
Sarnak Earring of Station:   Tuck  
Sash of Ageless Virtue:   Tuck   Tuck   (2)
Satchel of Abu-Kar:   TreeHugger  
Scaevian Larvae Flesh:   Tuck  
Scale Ore:     PuppetMaster   TreeHugger×5   (6)
Scaled Dragorn Hide:     Pavoratti×4   PuppetMaster×2   Tuck×2   (8)
Sceptre of Draconic Calling:   TreeHugger  
Scout Report:   TreeHugger  
Scout Tools:   Bilbo   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Scrap of Fabric:   TreeHugger  
Scratched Hide Cowl:   TreeHugger  
Scratched Hide Gloves:   TreeHugger  
Scratched Hide Wristguard:   TreeHugger×2  
Sculpting Tools:     Tuck  
Sea Moss:   Bilbo×3  
Seal of Thoridain:     Tuck  
Seal: Mastery of All:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore:   TreeHugger  
Serpentine Bracer (old world):   Dar  
Serrated Bone Dirk (old world):   Bilbo  
Shabby Fine Spell Scroll:     Bilbo   TreeHugger   (2)
Shaderock Crown:   PuppetMaster  
Shadow Chestguard:   Bilbo  
Shadow Gauntlets:   Bilbo  
Shadow Vambraces:   Bilbo  
Shadow Void Bracer:   PuppetMaster  
Shadowspine Rune:   Pavoratti  
Shard of Dark Earth:   Dar   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (3)
Shard of Hsagra's Talisman:   Tuck  
Shark Meat:     GuildBank  
Sharp Fang Earring:   Tuck  
Shattered Crystal:     Tuck  
Shield of the Creator:   PuppetMaster  
Shield of the Red Dragon:   Tuck  
Shiliskin Bones:     GuildBank×2   PuppetMaster×4   (6)
Shiliskin Guardian Helmet:   VendingMachine  
Shimmering Fairy Dust:     TreeHugger×10  
Shimmering Galeforce Aegis:   TreeHugger  
Shimmering Loam:     VendingMachine×2  
Shiny Brass Idol:   VendingMachine  
Shiny Metal Key:   PuppetMaster  
Shissar Blood:     Bilbo×13  
Shissar Eggs:     Bilbo×6  
Shissar Eye Earring:   PuppetMaster  
Shissar Fangs:   Bilbo×20   Pavoratti×8   (28)
Shissar Venom Sack:     Bilbo×7  
Shredded Map Piece:   PuppetMaster×8  
Shrine Key:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
Shrunken Iksar Skull Necklace:   Bilbo  
Sidewards Axis Spring IV:   TreeHugger  
Sigil-Carved Bow:   Dar  
Signet of the Valorous:   VendingMachine  
Silicorrosive Grease:     PuppetMaster×13  
Silk Coldain Prayer Shawl:     Tuck  
Silk Swatch:     Dar×39   Pavoratti×20   PuppetMaster×24   Tuck   VendingMachine×20   (104)
Silk-Lined Cloak (attunable):   Tuck  
Silken Band (attunable):   Tuck  
Silver Conduit:     PuppetMaster×129  
Silver Etched Gear #1:   Dar  
Silver Etched Gear #2:   Dar  
Silver Etched Reinforced Rod:   Dar  
Silver Thread:     Tuck×8  
Silvery Crimson Ribbon:     Pavoratti×27  
Simple Sewing Needle:     Tuck  
Singing Short Sword:   Pavoratti  
Singing Steel Boots:   Pavoratti  
Singing Steel Gauntlets:   Pavoratti  
Singing Steel Greaves:   Pavoratti  
Singing Steel Helm:   Pavoratti  
Singing Steel Vambraces:   Pavoratti  
Siren Hair (NoTrade):     TreeHugger×2  
Size C Spring (PoInnovation):   PuppetMaster  
Sizzling Dragonblood Necklace:   TreeHugger  
Skin of Milk:   Dar×15  
Skinning Knife:     Pavoratti  
Skull Mask of the Warlord:   PuppetMaster  
Skyflow Stone:     Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Slarghilug Leg:     Pavoratti  
Slarghilug Spear:   Bilbo  
Sleeves of the Kelpmaidens:   Dar  
Sleeves of the White Lotus:   Dar  
Small Black Drum:     Tuck  
Small Brick of Adamantite:     PuppetMaster×3  
Small Brick of Velium:     Bilbo  
Small Brick of Yttrium Ore:     Bilbo×3   Tuck   (4)
Small Clockwork Screws:     GuildBank×25  
Small Clockwork Shaft:     GuildBank×28  
Small Clockwork Talisman:   Bilbo  
Small Parts Container:   Bilbo  
Small Piece of Velium:     Bilbo×2   VendingMachine   (3)
Small Red Drum:     PuppetMaster  
Small Rusty Key:   Tuck  
Small Silver Clockwork Device:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Small Silverthread Sack:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Smithy Hammer:     Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck×3   (5)
Smoldering Ash:   PuppetMaster×2  
Smooth Celestine Faycite Shard:   TreeHugger  
Smudged Rough Charta Arcanum:     VendingMachine  
Smudged Rough Spell Tablet:     VendingMachine×3  
Smudged Runic Charta Arcanum:     VendingMachine×3  
Smudged Runic Paper:     TreeHugger  
Snake Venom Sac:     Bilbo×2   GuildBank   (3)
Snowball:   Tuck×100  
Softly Glowing Powersource:   Pavoratti×2   Tuck×2   (4)
Soluble Loam:     TreeHugger×28  
Song: Amber's Last Lullaby Rk. II:     TreeHugger×2  
Song: Chorus of Restoration Rk. II:     Pavoratti  
Song: Coldcrow's Spry Sonata Rk. II:     Pavoratti  
Song: Performer's Psalm of Pyrotechnics Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Song: Staccato Rhythms Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Song: Veshma's Lively Crescendo Rk. II:     Dar  
Song: Zeixshi-Kar's Chant of Frost Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Songblade of the Eternal:   Pavoratti  
Soot Hemlock:     Bilbo  
Sooty Fine Charta Arcanum:     VendingMachine×2  
Sooty Fine Paper:     TreeHugger  
Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus:     VendingMachine×4  
Sooty Fine Runic Vellum:     TreeHugger   VendingMachine×2   (3)
Sooty Paper:     Dar   TreeHugger   (2)
Sorcery Runed Swatch:     Pavoratti×27  
Soul Sphere (angry):   PuppetMaster  
Soul Sphere (calm):   PuppetMaster  
Soul Sphere (resisting):   PuppetMaster  
Sparkling Ruby of Fortune:   Tuck  
Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism:   Pavoratti  
Spectral Pestle:     Bilbo  
Spell: Anathema of Life Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Aura of Darkness:     Bilbo×3  
Spell: Aura of Resolve Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Beam of Molten Dross Rk. II:   Dar  
Spell: Blazing Stance:   PuppetMaster  
Spell: Blessing of Resolve Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Breath of Big Bynn Rk. II:   Tuck  
Spell: Breath of Tunare:     Bilbo  
Spell: Bulwark of Tri'Qaras Rk. II:   VendingMachine  
Spell: Cajole Rk. II:     Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Spell: Chillvapor Breath Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Daria's Mending Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Demand for Blood Rk. II:   Dar  
Spell: Deny Undead:     Bilbo×6  
Spell: Destroy Undead:     Tuck  
Spell: Din of Tashan Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Eagle Eye:     Bilbo×2  
Spell: Earthen Roots:     Bilbo  
Spell: Elemental Cloak:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Elemental Symbiosis:   PuppetMaster  
Spell: Erradien's Animation Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Festering Darkness:     Bilbo×3  
Spell: Fever Surge Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Fickle Inferno:   PuppetMaster  
Spell: Fickle Inferno Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Fool the Fallen Rk. II:     TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Spell: Forbear Corruption Rk. II:   TreeHugger×2  
Spell: Frost Spear:     Dar  
Spell: Gemmi's Mending Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Grounded Stance:   PuppetMaster  
Spell: Growl of the Panther:     Dar  
Spell: Healing of Sorsha:     Dar  
Spell: Mark of the Predator:     Bilbo  
Spell: Mass Elemental Transvergence:   PuppetMaster  
Spell: Mass Elemental Transvergence Rk. II:   VendingMachine×2  
Spell: Mass Imbue Emerald:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Mollify Rk. II:   VendingMachine  
Spell: Nature's Calm Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Preternatural Foresight Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Remorse for the Fallen Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Ruinous Venin Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Rune of Erradien Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Runic Swirl Aura:   PuppetMaster×11  
Spell: Scalding Sands Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Scorching Sands Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Searing Skin Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Seer's Cognizance Rk. II:     PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Spell: Sermon of Penitence:     Bilbo×2  
Spell: Sha's Ferocity:     Dar  
Spell: Shadowskin Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Sharp Eyes Rk. II:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine×2   (3)
Spell: Shattered Consciousness Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Shock of Many:   PuppetMaster×3  
Spell: Silent Mind Rk. II:     TreeHugger   TreeHugger   (2)
Spell: Skin to Mulch Rk. II:     TreeHugger   VendingMachine   (2)
Spell: Solemn Elixir Rk. II:     Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Spell: Solemn Force Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Solemn Light Rk. II:     Pavoratti×2  
Spell: Solemn Remedy Rk. II:     Tuck×2  
Spell: Solemn Touch Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Sound of Resonance Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Spectral Ward Rk. II:   Tuck×2  
Spell: Spine-Chilling Shriek Rk. II:     VendingMachine  
Spell: Spirit of Arag:     Dar×2  
Spell: Spirit of Khurenz:     Bilbo×2   Dar   (3)
Spell: Spirit of Rellic:     Dar   Pavoratti   (2)
Spell: Spirit of the Predator:     Bilbo  
Spell: Spiritual Purity:     Dar  
Spell: Spiritual Strength:     Dar  
Spell: Spiritual Vigor:     Dar  
Spell: Strangling Air Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Strength of Tunare:     Bilbo  
Spell: Summon Platinum Choker:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Summon Runed Mantle:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Summon Wintry Paradox:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Summon: Molten Orb:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Symbol of Bthur Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Spell: Talisman of Vehemence Rk. II:     Pavoratti  
Spell: Temerity Rk. II:     Pavoratti  
Spell: Tempest of the Stormborn Rk. II:     TreeHugger  
Spell: Torrent of Pain:     Bilbo  
Spell: Torrential Hail Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Torrid Sunray Rk. II:     TreeHugger×2  
Spell: Touch of Volatis:     Bilbo×2  
Spell: Vestax's Spear of Venom Rk. II:     Dar  
Spell: Volcanic Ash Rk. II:     Tuck  
Spell: Wand of Prime Transvergence Rk. II:   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine   (2)
Spell: Words of Tranquility:     Tuck  
Spell: Yaulp IX Rk. II:   Tuck  
Spell: Zevfeer's Bite:     Bilbo×9  
Spherical Bottle:     VendingMachine×2  
Spider Silk:     Bilbo×12   VendingMachine×2   (14)
Spiderfang Earring:   Bilbo  
Spiderling Silk:     Bilbo   VendingMachine   (2)
Spire Control Shard:   TreeHugger  
Spiritmaster War Beads:   Tuck  
Splintered Magnetized Vambraces:     PuppetMaster   PuppetMaster   (2)
Splintering Spinestone Wand:   Tuck  
Spool of Freetide Thread:     PuppetMaster×10  
Sporali Cap:     GuildBank×11  
Sporali Guardian Cloak:   Pavoratti  
Sporali Skin:     GuildBank×6  
Sporali Spores:     GuildBank×11  
Spore Covered Bone:   TreeHugger×8  
Sprockets:     GuildBank   PuppetMaster×11   (12)
Staff of Everliving Brambles:   TreeHugger  
Staff Shard of Luclin:     PuppetMaster  
Stained Fine Runic Charta Arcanum:     VendingMachine×2  
Stained Fine Runic Paper:     TreeHugger  
Stale Delphinium:     TreeHugger  
Stalking Probe:     VendingMachine  
Staurolite:     GuildBank×35  
Steaming Water:     GuildBank  
Steel Ball Bearing:     GuildBank×7   PuppetMaster×8   Tuck   (16)
Steel Working Knife:     TreeHugger  
Stein of Moggok (non weapon):   Pavoratti  
Stein of Ulissa:   PuppetMaster  
Steppes Ore:     VendingMachine×19  
Sting of Betrayal:   Bilbo  
Stitched Flesh Cloak:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Stitched Flesh Mantle:   Dar   Tuck   VendingMachine   (3)
Stone Guardian's Conjuration Shard:   TreeHugger  
Stone of Marking:     GuildBank   TreeHugger   (2)
Stone of Mind Control:   TreeHugger  
Stonewood Bow Staff:     VendingMachine×3  
Stonewood Compound Bow:     VendingMachine  
Storm Giant Meat:     Bilbo×3  
Storm Giant Toes:   Pavoratti  
Straight Oak Treant Branch:     GuildBank×9  
Straight Treant Branch:     GuildBank×4  
Strands of Living Chain (PoTorment):   Bilbo  
Strange Jeweler's Schematic:   Dar  
Studs:     Tuck×12   VendingMachine×8   (20)
Succulent Quickspore:   TreeHugger  
Sunderspring Helm:   Pavoratti  
Sunshard Dust:     GuildBank×28  
Sunshard Ore:     GuildBank×48  
Sunshard Pebble:     Bilbo×4   GuildBank×67   (71)
Sunshard Powder:     GuildBank×100  
Superb Animal Pelt:     GuildBank×47  
Superb Marrow:     GuildBank  
Superb Rockhopper Hide:     Tuck×19  
Superb Rujarkian Wolf Pelt:   GuildBank  
Superb Silk:     GuildBank×98   Tuck×476   (574)
Superb Spinneret Fluid:     GuildBank×12   VendingMachine   (13)
Supple Scale Armband:   PuppetMaster  
Sweetened Mudroot:     TreeHugger  
Sweltering Slime Bauble:   Bilbo  
Swirling Mist:     GuildBank×3  
Swirling Shadows:     Tuck×11  
Swirling Sphere of Color:   Pavoratti  
Swirling-Storm Shoulderguard:   TreeHugger  
Symbol of the Diaku:   TreeHugger  
Symbol of Torden:   Tuck  
Symbol of Torment:   Pavoratti  
Taaffeite:     Bilbo   GuildBank×28   PuppetMaster   VendingMachine×7   (37)
Tae Ew Blood Vial:     Pavoratti×7  
Tae Ew Ceremonial Necklace:   Tuck  
Tae Ew Hide Sack:     TreeHugger  
Taelosian Morphemic Staff:   TreeHugger  
Tainted Planar Essence:     TreeHugger×20  
Talisman of Benevolence:   Tuck  
Talombi Berry:     TreeHugger  
Talwin's Journal Page 1:   TreeHugger  
Talwin's Journal Page 2:   TreeHugger  
Tan Rope Bridle (a):     PuppetMaster   Tuck   (2)
Tanaan Smithing Hammer:     Tuck×2  
Tantalum Ore:     GuildBank×22   VendingMachine×2   (24)
Tarnished Chime:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   (2)
Tarnished Cog:   PuppetMaster×2  
Tasty Candy:     PuppetMaster  
Tattered Ikaav Braid:   TreeHugger  
Tear Shaped Ring:   VendingMachine  
Tears of Prexus:     Dar   Pavoratti×2   VendingMachine×10   (13)
Temporal Pinion XXXVIII:   TreeHugger  
Terror Infused Battleskirt:   Dar  
Terror Infused Linked Boots:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Terror Infused Linked Coat:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Terror Infused Linked Coif:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Terror Infused Linked Vambraces:   Dar   VendingMachine   (2)
Terror Matriarch Venom Sack:   PuppetMaster  
Terrorantula Silk:     Pavoratti×11  
Testament of Night:   Bilbo  
Tetraton Shell:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Thalium Ore:     GuildBank×3  
The Fabled Binden Concerrentia:   Dar   Pavoratti   (2)
The Mark of Justice:   TreeHugger  
The Scent of Marr:     GuildBank  
The Scepter of Shadows:   Bilbo   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (5)
The Skull of Den Lord Rakban:   TreeHugger  
The Talisman Schematic:   Dar  
The Watcher's Stitched Spaulders:   Dar  
The White Flame:   Tuck  
Thick Silk:     GuildBank×15  
Three Oak Acorn:     TreeHugger×36  
Three Toothed Key:   Tuck  
Thunderous Drum of Karana:   Pavoratti  
Time Phased Quintessence:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   Tuck   (4)
Tiny Celestine Faycite Shard:   TreeHugger  
Tiny Clockwork Shaft:     GuildBank×100  
Tiny Dagger:     VendingMachine×12  
Titanium Ore:     GuildBank×86   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger×57   (144)
Toetwister:   Pavoratti  
Tome of Armor of Decorum Rk. II:   Dar   Tuck   VendingMachine   (3)
Tome of Armor of Draconic Runes Rk. II:     PuppetMaster  
Tome of Miragul:   VendingMachine  
Tome of Rigor Mortis Rk. II:   Tuck  
Tome of Shield Reflect Rk. II:   PuppetMaster  
Tome of the Hero's Journey:   Bilbo   Dar   Pavoratti   (3)
Tome of Waylay Rk. II:   TreeHugger  
Tooth of the Great Divide:   PuppetMaster  
Top Section of an Engraved Signet:   Tuck  
Torch of Alna:   PuppetMaster  
Torch of the Elements:   Bilbo  
Tormentor's Chain Collar:   Tuck  
Tormentor's Hoof:     Bilbo   Pavoratti   (2)
Torn Enchanted Silk Boots:   Pavoratti  
Torn Enchanted Silk Sleeves:   PuppetMaster  
Torn Journal Page:   Tuck  
Totem of the Chimera:   Pavoratti  
Totem of the Stonemight:   TreeHugger  
Trader's Satchel:     Dar   Pavoratti×4   TreeHugger×3   Tuck   VendingMachine×24   (33)
Trakanon Idol:   Bilbo   Dar   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   Tuck   (5)
Trakanon's Tooth:   TreeHugger  
Translucent Powersource:   PuppetMaster  
Transparent Celestine Faycite Shard:   TreeHugger  
Traveler's Boots:     PuppetMaster  
Treant Heart (tasty):     GuildBank×2  
Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle:   Pavoratti   PuppetMaster   (2)
Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device:   Tuck  
Tri-coated Metal Casing (PoInnovation):   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Tri-platinum Foil:   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger   (2)
Tribal Belt of Bone:   VendingMachine  
Tribal War Boots:   Bilbo  
Trick-or-Treat Bag:   PuppetMaster  
Trilion Cut Prestidigitase Palladium Ring:     Dar  
Troubadour's Mace:   Pavoratti  
Truthbringer Gem:   Tuck  
Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur:     Bilbo×40  
Tungsten Ore:     GuildBank×91   TreeHugger   (92)
Ultor's Greaves of Faith:     Tuck  
Unbroken Eye Stalk:     Pavoratti×4  
Uncut Alexandrite:     GuildBank×165  
Uncut Amethyst:     GuildBank×223  
Uncut Black Sapphire:     GuildBank×23  
Uncut Combine Star:     GuildBank×197  
Uncut Demantoid:     GuildBank×224  
Uncut Goshenite:     Dar   GuildBank×78   TreeHugger×100   (179)
Uncut Jacinth:     GuildBank×46   PuppetMaster   TreeHugger×135   (182)
Uncut Morganite:     GuildBank×49   TreeHugger×104   (153)
Uncut Rubellite:     GuildBank×48   TreeHugger×48   (96)
Undead Dragon Sinew:   PuppetMaster  
Undead Froglok Tongue:     Dar×28  
Undead Shissar Venom Sack:     Bilbo  
Unrefined Diamond:     TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Unrefined Emerald:     TreeHugger×2  
Unrefined Sapphire:     TreeHugger×2   Tuck×2   (4)
Upwards Axis Spring LXIII:   TreeHugger  
Urticaceae:     GuildBank×58  
Vah Shir Anvil:     TreeHugger  
Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet:     TreeHugger  
Vaifan's Temporary Power Cell A:   TreeHugger  
Vaifan's Temporary Power Cell B:   TreeHugger  
Vale Needle:     Tuck  
Vale Sewing Kit:     Tuck×2  
Vale Smithy Hammer:     Tuck  
Vallorian Discus Bones:     TreeHugger×7  
Valor Crystals:     Pavoratti  
Valorium Ring of Gallantry:     Bilbo×2  
Vambraces of Vengeful Fury:     Tuck  
Vanadium Ore:     GuildBank×2  
Vann Toes:     Pavoratti×7  
Vegerog Fiber String:     VendingMachine×3  
Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet (Enchanted):     Tuck  
Velium Diamond Wedding Ring (Enchanted):     Tuck  
Velium Encrusted Gauntlets:   Pavoratti  
Velium Spider Leg:     TreeHugger×2  
Velium Studs:     VendingMachine×98  
Vergalid Slave Manacles:     PuppetMaster×5  
Versluierd Fungus:     GuildBank×89  
Vertical Rotational Cam III:   TreeHugger  
Vial of Gases:     PuppetMaster  
Vial of Prismatic Dye:     Pavoratti×6  
Vial of Viscous Mana:     Tuck  
Vineclinger Berries:     TreeHugger  
Vision-Shrouded Silk Gloves:   PuppetMaster  
Vision-Shrouded Silk Pants:   PuppetMaster  
Vrald's Silken Sack:   TreeHugger  
Wand of Musing:   PuppetMaster  
Wand of the Ice Storm:   PuppetMaster  
Wanderlust Guild Loadstone:   Pavoratti   TreeHugger   Tuck   (3)
War Drums of the Rathe:   Pavoratti  
Warbeads of the Magus:   Tuck  
Warped Steel Bracer:   Tuck  
Warped Steel Greaves:   Pavoratti   Tuck   (2)
Warped Steel Helm:   Tuck  
Warped Steel Vambraces:   Tuck  
Water Flask:     Pavoratti×20   PuppetMaster×5   (25)
Water of Eternity:     Bilbo   Dar×5   Pavoratti×12   PuppetMaster×9   Tuck×5   (32)
Water of the Skeptic:     VendingMachine  
Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh:   Tuck  
Webbed Tail Fin:     Pavoratti  
Whisper-Wrought Plate Breastplate:   Pavoratti  
Whisper-Wrought Plate Gauntlets:   Pavoratti  
Whisperfoot Charm:   Pavoratti  
White Chain Bridle:     TreeHugger  
White Hellebore:     Bilbo  
White Rose Cream:     VendingMachine×2  
White Silk Gloves:   Dar  
Wicked Shank:   Bilbo  
Wild Lord's Crown:   Dar  
Wild Lord's Gauntlets:   Dar  
Wild Lord's Sandals:   Dar  
Wind Metal Bow Cam:     VendingMachine×2  
Wito xi Tetoracu:   Tuck  
Wolf Blood:     Bilbo  
Wolves Bane:     Bilbo  
Wooden Hilted Ulak:   Dar  
Words of Distress:     Pavoratti  
Worn and Ancient Book:   Bilbo   PuppetMaster   (2)
Worn Gearbox:   PuppetMaster×2  
Woven Shim Choker:   Dar  
Wraithguard Bracer:   Pavoratti×2   Tuck×2   (4)
Wrap of Faith:   Dar   PuppetMaster   (2)
Wristguard of Keen Vision:   Tuck  
Wristplates of Vengeful Fury:     Tuck×2  
Wurine Arcane Cloak:   TreeHugger  
Wyvern-Priest's Runed Censer:   TreeHugger   Tuck   (2)
Zazuzh's Key:   Bilbo  
Zeka Clockwise Capping Rotator:   TreeHugger  
Zherozsh's Key:   Bilbo   Tuck   (2)
Zombie Skin:     PuppetMaster