Velious Quest Armors
Corroded Plate Boots Tuck1
Corroded Plate Bracer Pavoratti, Tuck2
Corroded Plate Gauntlets Pavoratti, Tuck2
Corroded Chain Coif Pavoratti1
Corroded Chain Gauntlets Tuck1
Eroded Leather Tunic TreeHugger1
Eroded Leather Leggings Pavoratti1
Eroded Leather Sleeves TreeHugger1
Torn Enchanted Silk Boots Pavoratti1
Velious Quest Gems
Black Marble GuildBank×2, Maker×35
Crushed Black Marble VendingMachine1
OoW Armor Quest Pieces
Duskfall Chronicles TreeHugger1
Map of Old Kuua TreeHugger1
Dranik Blood Standard Pavoratti1
Spire Control Shard TreeHugger1
Dranik Incense Burner Pavoratti×22
Ashlock Branch VendingMachine×33
Muramite Dragorn Slaver Whip PuppetMaster×2, Tuck×46
Dansk Branch Maker1
Glistening Murkglider Pelt PuppetMaster1
Dragorn Muramite Insignia Necklace TreeHugger1
Vendor Junk
Ancient Tarnished Coin Dar×44
Dark Ore Maker×33
Worn Gearbox PuppetMaster×22
Sporali Spores GuildBank×1111
Pristine Spinneret Fluid GuildBank×1010
Excellent Spinneret Fluid Collector1
Drake Saliva VendingMachine1
Mature Drake Saliva VendingMachine1
Quicklime VendingMachine×22
Dolora Pollen Dar×44
Pile of Gravel VendingMachine1
Animating Force GuildBank×77
Murkglider Claw VendingMachine1
Staff Shard of Luclin PuppetMaster1
Saprophytic Moss VendingMachine×2020
Superb Rujarkian Wolf Pelt GuildBank1
Mastruq's Clawed Finger Pavoratti×22
Mastruq's Broken Facemask Pavoratti1
Feran Heart Blood Bilbo×33
Gnome Blood GuildBank×33
Poison Making Components
Dust of Decay Bilbo×5, GuildBank×1621
Undead Shissar Venom Sac Bilbo1
Shissar Venom Sack Bilbo×77
Muramite Blood Bilbo×2, Tuck3
Scaled Dragorn Hide Bilbo×1010
Discordling Dust Bilbo×13, PuppetMaster×518
Ukun Spike Bilbo×1616
Girplan Liver Bilbo×26, PuppetMaster×2753
Chimera Poison Sac Bilbo×3232
Girplan Spinal Fluid Bilbo×91, PuppetMaster×67158
Vendor Sold Scrolls
Spell: Aura of Endless Glamour Rk. II Maker1
Spell: Breath of Tunare Bilbo1
Spell: Mark of the Predator Bilbo1
Spell: Mass Imbue Emerald VendingMachine1
Spell: Spirit of Khurenz Bilbo×22
LDoN Components
Gargoyle Granite GuildBank×44
Polished Quartz Dar×22
Amethyst Dar1
Binding Powders
  Elementary Binding Powder GuildBank1
Elementary Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Modest Binding Powder GuildBank×44
Modest Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Binding Powder GuildBank1
Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Intricate Binding Powder GuildBank×22
Intricate Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Elaborate Binding Powder GuildBank×3434
Elaborate Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Ornate Binding Powder GuildBank×1515
Ornate Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
  Rune Binding Powder Bilbo1
Runed Enchanted Spell Parchment  0
Legends of Norrath Cards
Legends of Norrath Starter Deck PuppetMaster1
Legends of Norrath: Froglok Krup Knight Maker1
Legends of Norrath: Wretched Smell of Death Maker1
Legends of Norrath: Sebilis Spirits Dar1
Legends of Norrath: Bridge to Chardok TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Entrance Hall TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Library TreeHugger, VendingMachine2
Legends of Norrath: Sovereign Rage TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Ancient Guardian TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Battle Master Ska`tu TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Echo of Chardok TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Iksar Collaborator TreeHugger1
Legends of Norrath: Imperial Advisor TreeHugger×22
Legends of Norrath: Oathbreaker Booster Pack PuppetMaster1
Legends of Norrath: Terrorantula Pavoratti1
Legends of Norrath: Woe Be to Those VendingMachine1
Legends of Norrath: Shell of the Dragon Turtle Maker1
Legends of Norrath: Front Antechamber VendingMachine1
Legends of Norrath: Out of the Shadows VendingMachine1
Legends of Norrath: Ashteth Tuck1
Gates of Discord Tradeskill Components
Chunk of Taelosian Rock Maker×7676
Raw Shimmering Nihilite GuildBank×4040
Muramite Blood Bilbo×2, Tuck3
Raw Dark Matter Pavoratti, PuppetMaster2
Raw Infused Dark Matter PuppetMaster×228228
Cultural Components
Coarse Silk   0
Rough Silk   0
Tacky Silk   0
 Sullied Silk   0
Sullied Spinneret Fluid  0
Thick Silk GuildBank×15 15
 Crude Silk   0
Crude Spinneret Fluid  0
Natural Silk GuildBank×6 6
Pristine Silk GuildBank×41 41
 Fine Silk GuildBank×10 10
Fine Spinneret Fluid GuildBank×44
Excellent Silk   0
 Superb Silk GuildBank×98 98
Superb Spinneret Fluid GuildBank×12, VendingMachine13
 Flawless Silk GuildBank×11 11
Flawless Spinneret Fluid GuildBank1
 Exquisite Silk GuildBank×13 13
Exquisite Spinneret Fluid Collector1
 Immaculate Silk GuildBank×2, PuppetMaster×40 42
Immaculate Spinneret Fluid  0
 Fantastic Silk   0
Fantastic Spinneret Fluid Maker×1616
 Exotic Silk Tuck×18 18
Exotic Spinneret Fluid Maker×2525
 Befouled Silk   0
Befouled Spinneret Fluid  0
Ruined Animal Pelt   0
Mangled Animal Pelt   0
Tattered Animal Pelt   0
 Sullied Animal Pelt Maker 1
Dusty Marrow  0
Crude Animal Pelt   0
 Rough Animal Pelt   0
Damp Marrow GuildBank1
Flawed Animal Pelt GuildBank×20 20
Pristine Animal Pelt GuildBank×13, PuppetMaster×2 15
 Fine Animal Pelt GuildBank×6 6
Hemic Marrow GuildBank×66
Excellent Animal Pelt GuildBank×7 7
 Superb Animal Pelt GuildBank×47 47
Excellent Marrow GuildBank×1616
 Flawless Animal Pelt GuildBank×9 9
Superb Marrow GuildBank1
 Exquisite Animal Pelt GuildBank×5 5
Exquisite Marrow  0
 Immaculate Animal Pelt   0
Immaculate Marrow  0
 Fantastic Animal Pelt Maker×2 2
Fantastic Marrow  0
 Exotic Animal Pelt   0
Exotic Marrow  0
 Befouled Animal Pelt   0
Befouled Marrow  0
Tin Ore   0
Iron Ore   0
Silvril Ore   0
 Thalium Ore GuildBank×3 3
Alkaline Loam  0
Iridium Ore GuildBank×2 2
 Fulginate Ore GuildBank×8, Maker×10 18
Malleable Loam GuildBank×6, Maker×28
Rubicite Ore GuildBank×8 8
Indium Ore PuppetMaster×5 5
 Rhenium Ore GuildBank×8 8
Bonded Loam Collector×7, GuildBank8
Tungsten Ore GuildBank×91 91
 Cobalt Ore Dar, GuildBank×50 51
Soluble Loam  0
 Titanium Ore GuildBank×86 86
Alkalai Loam GuildBank×6, VendingMachine×410
 Tantalum Ore GuildBank×22, Tuck×20, VendingMachine×2 44
Porous Loam GuildBank×4, VendingMachine×1418
 Vanadium Ore GuildBank×2, Tuck×31 33
Spongy Loam  0
 Osmium Ore   0
Shimmering Loam VendingMachine×22
 Palladium Ore   0
Mysterious Loam  0
Scorched Ore   0
House of Thule - Tier 1
Abstruse Remnant of TruthWrist Dar
Abstruse Remnant of GreedHands Tuck
Abstruse Remnant of SurvivalFeet Pavoratti
Abstruse Remnant of DesireChest Bilbo
House of Thule - Tier 2
Recondite Remnant of SurvivalFeet Tuck
Recondite Remnant of KnowledgeHead Tuck
Recondite Remnant of FearLegs Bilbo, Maker×2
LoY Robe Components
222Breath of RoGuildBank1
122, 167, 187LichencloverDar×44
212Sorcery Runed SwatchPavoratti×2727
232Tears of PrexusDar, Pavoratti×2, VendingMachine×1013
252Rune of ImpulsePavoratti1
122, 167, 187Plant ShootDar×1414
242Flake of LodestonePavoratti1
122, 167, 187Maneater BudBilbo1
242Asylum Scried SwatchMaker1
Hickory Handled Shears Bilbo

Sustenance Summoners

Warm Milk Dispenser Dar, Maker, Pavoratti, PuppetMaster, TreeHugger, Tuck
Fresh Cookie Dispenser Maker, Tuck
Endless Turkeys Dar, Pavoratti, PuppetMaster

Components for Marketable Poisons

Spider’s BiteScorpion’s Agony
VII (lvl:45) Bilbo×16 Bilbo×21
VIII (lvl:50) Bilbo×12 Bilbo×18
IX (lvl:55) Bilbo×30 Bilbo×21
X (lvl:60) Bilbo×26 Bilbo×19, Collector
XI (lvl:65) Bilbo×25 Bilbo×9
XII (lvl:70) Bilbo×25 none
XIII (lvl:75) Bilbo×2 Bilbo×4
XIV (lvl:80) Bilbo×21 Bilbo×10
XV (lvl:85) Bilbo×72 Bilbo×61
XVI (lvl:90) Bilbo×279 Bilbo×54
XVII (lvl:95) Bilbo×3 none
XVIII (lvl:100) Bilbo×14 Bilbo×23
XIX (lvl:105) Bilbo×17 Bilbo×23
XX (lvl:110) none none