Tribute/Favor List
ValueNameWho has (and how many)
47619Gyro Core Re-gearing Kit TreeHugger
47366Stonewood Compound Bow Maker, VendingMachine (2)
38024Livestone Plate Breastplate Tuck
29912Blood Runed Battle Wand Maker, PuppetMaster (2)
28071Gold Inlaid Ulak Dar
28031Robe of Ancient Earth PuppetMaster
27619Pristine Jeweled Gloves Dar
22901Khashek's Katar Dar
21750Fabled Blood Earring of Rage Pavoratti
21453Mana Robe Maker
21131Velium Encrusted Gauntlets Pavoratti
21047Mischievous Platemail Breastplate Tuck
18409Mischievous Platemail Greaves Tuck
18050Runebranded Girdle Dar
18000Orb of the Infinite Void PuppetMaster
17973Signet of the Valorous VendingMachine
15849Boots of Flowing Slime PuppetMaster, Tuck (2)
15411Manastone (tradeable) Maker
15395Heavy Rubicite Girdle Bilbo
15000Hierophant's Cloak (any class) Dar
11250Drape of the Proud Bilbo
10155Architect's Bejeweled Chestplate Pavoratti
9750Hammer of Corrupted Enchantments Dar
9222Lodizal Shell Shield Bilbo, Dar, Pavoratti, PuppetMaster (4)
7742Mischievous Platemail Bracer Tuck×2
7500Ring of Flowing Slime Pavoratti
7218Singing Steel Greaves Pavoratti
7114Mischievous Platemail Girdle Tuck
6750Thunderous Drum of Karana Pavoratti
6600Valorium Ring of Gallantry Bilbo, Bilbo, Pavoratti (2)
6218Archon's Battlestaff PuppetMaster
5683Twisted Steel Mask Pavoratti
5453Mourning Spikes Dar
5000Bag of the Tinkerers Collector×2, Collector, Maker, Maker, PuppetMaster×6, TreeHugger×2, TreeHugger×2, Tuck, Tuck×5 (18)
4800Crescent Blades of Luclin Dar
4650Shakare's Hair Bilbo
4595Leather Gloves of Overkill TreeHugger
4292Ancient Inscribed Shield Pavoratti
4239Eclipse Maker
4166Brazen Faceguard of the Fallen Pavoratti
4139Spiritblood Shield Tuck
4125Entwood Mace Dar
4119Glumb's Trinket of Tactical Cowardice PuppetMaster
4117Bound Cord of Garden Refuse Bilbo
4101Hollowed Rotdog Skull Bilbo
4086Fragile Trinket of Command Dar
4047Thulian Linked Helm Pavoratti
3926Thulian Linked Wristguard Pavoratti
3805Bloodsteel Blade Bilbo
3719Mischievous Platemail Vambraces Tuck
3671Fabled War Magus' Arrow Guard Maker, PuppetMaster (2)
3559Krupp's Drape of Exploration Dar
3545Fancy Chain Gorget Tuck
3528Abstruse Wildroar Leggings Dar
3513Chipped Shards of Dread PuppetMaster, Tuck (2)
3504Ring of the Fearborn Dar
3502Steel Shoulders of Spite Pavoratti
3480Shards of the Jungle Sentinel Dar
3478Inscribed Bone Totem Dar
3471Rotspittle Ring Bilbo, Dar, Pavoratti (3)
3470Ring of Righteous Fury Dar
3450Ring of Restless Sleep Dar, VendingMachine (2)
3433Badly Chewed Doll Maker, Tuck (2)
3427Totem of Dark Rites PuppetMaster
3398Healer's Gorget of Aid Dar, Tuck, VendingMachine (3)
3398Bloodstained Cloak Dar, Tuck (2)
3376Dagger of Rotting Flesh Dar
3373Warder's Eye Tuck
3344Gilded Bow of the Hunter Bilbo
3287Rattle of the Easily Amused Pavoratti
3275Jagged Metal Knuckles Collector, Dar, TreeHugger, VendingMachine (3)
3265Frightfinger Necklace PuppetMaster
3260Fearful Spiked Knuckles Dar
3028Battlemage's Aegis PuppetMaster
3016Mischievous Platemail Helm Tuck
3000Troubadour's Mace Pavoratti
2989Locket of Living Legends Tuck
2892Helias' Howling Loop Bilbo
2777Recondite Mindbroken Sandals Maker
2775Journal of Aataltaal VendingMachine
2759Recondite Mindbroken Cap Maker
2576Abstruse Mindbroken Robe Maker
2560Belt of Torture Maker
2394Padded Steel Woven Belt Bilbo
2390Ganborn's Rod of Curses Maker
2341Abstruse Mindbroken Gloves Maker
2200Dragorn Heirloom Battlemail VendingMachine
2000Axe of Destruction PuppetMaster
2000Aged Muramite Lute Pavoratti
1954Shimmering Galeforce Aegis TreeHugger
1952Iron Scream Earring Bilbo
1937Alkaa's Incendiary Facade TreeHugger
1927Crystal-Adorned Cloak TreeHugger
1921Icy Cinch of Hope TreeHugger
1915Swirling-Storm Shoulderguard TreeHugger
1910Mischievous Platemail Pauldrons Tuck
1895History of the Di`zok VendingMachine
1881Spiritmaster War Beads Tuck
1867Sizzling Dragonblood Necklace TreeHugger
1865Defiance Bilbo
1859Ironflame Gorget of Steam Tuck
1859Rune of Draconic Wisdom TreeHugger
1841Band of Smooth Granite TreeHugger
1840Shield of the Red Dragon Tuck
1839Mischievous Platemail Gauntlets Tuck
1838Sandblasted Signet TreeHugger
1821Bonehook TreeHugger
1820Deadbound Earring Bilbo
1800Tome of Miragul VendingMachine
1788Tear Shaped Ring VendingMachine
1778Magnanimous Icy Stud TreeHugger
1765Bile Drenched Jewel Bilbo
1750Sanguine Tome VendingMachine
1687Mushroom Veil Bilbo
1627Druadic Chromahide Tunic TreeHugger
1620Rushing Wind Longbow Bilbo
1579Mischievous Platemail Collar Tuck
1555Knotted Turtlebone Ring PuppetMaster
1536Sigil-Carved Bow Dar
1527Dreadfall Pike Dar, VendingMachine (2)
1500Glowing Fish Scale Pavoratti, VendingMachine (2)
1500Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack Maker×4, PuppetMaster×4, Tuck×4 (12)
1500Scuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack PuppetMaster
1448Spiderfang Earring Bilbo
1443Druadic Chillhide Leggings TreeHugger
1427Druadic Chillhide Armwraps TreeHugger
1414Alloy-Linked Coat Pavoratti
1371Stub-nosed Pliers Dar
1360Lute of the Howler Pavoratti
1349Druadic Chillhide Boots TreeHugger
1345Iksar Berserker Club Dar
1342Mrylokar's Helm Bilbo, Pavoratti (1)
1321Alloy-Linked Leggings Bilbo
1265Scratched Hide Armwraps PuppetMaster
1257Scratched Hide Cowl TreeHugger
1242Darkened Enameled Black Chestplate (attunable) Tuck
1219Foraging Machette Pavoratti, TreeHugger (2)
1208Bracelet of Fortitude PuppetMaster
1208Wyvern-Priest's Runed Censer TreeHugger, Tuck (2)
1196Scratched Hide Gloves TreeHugger
1188Tribal War Boots Bilbo
1184Scratched Hide Wristguard TreeHugger×2
1164Bloodmoon Signet Ring TreeHugger
1160Energized Wire Coil Dar
1130Gnollish Chain Gauntlets (attunable) VendingMachine
1124Oil Soaked Traveling Cloak TreeHugger
1119Jade Mace Dar
1110Blackburrow Hunting Bow VendingMachine
1100Patches' Gnarled Bone Pavoratti
1090Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet (Enchanted) Tuck
1083Epaulettes of the Ageless Dar
1073Sash of Ageless Virtue TreeHugger
1071Mask of the Deathbringer Pavoratti, PuppetMaster (2)
1062Orcish Slaver's Harness (7) Collector, Dar, TreeHugger, VendingMachine (3)
1058Lost Tae Ew Bloodletters Sword Tuck
1052Eye of Roloff Pavoratti
1049Fortunisa's Nightcloak Dar
1049Drape of the Waterborn Dar, PuppetMaster (2)
1043Furious Visage Dar, PuppetMaster (2)
1040Gifilnos' Miraculous Hunting Bag Dar, Pavoratti (2)
1039Necklace of Living Ice VendingMachine
1035Flametouched Mask PuppetMaster, Tuck (2)
1035Elladrial's Cloak of Shining Silk TreeHugger
1032Badge of the Resolute Defender Pavoratti
1016Spaulders of Gifilnos TreeHugger
1011Gifilnos' Prized Hunting Bag Dar, PuppetMaster (2)
1005Chillform Choker VendingMachine
1003Flowing Black Silk Sash (a) Dar
960Idol of the Thorned Dar
960Earring of Purity Tuck
944Fearpoint Bilbo
935Fabled Shissar Eye Earring VendingMachine
935Shissar Eye Earring PuppetMaster
902Balkor's Collar PuppetMaster
887Glossy Silk Sleeves Maker
849Bloodmoon Ritual Mantle VendingMachine
820Golden Blue Diamond Pendant (Enchanted) Tuck
814Singing Steel Vambraces Pavoratti
784Singing Steel Helm Pavoratti
783Hardened Slime Cudgel TreeHugger
782Sleeves of the Kelpmaidens Dar
780Slarghilug Spear Bilbo
736Energized Hydraulic Rod PuppetMaster
700Blue Diamond Electrum Earring (Enchanted) PuppetMaster, Tuck (2)
694Singing Steel Boots Pavoratti
694Singing Steel Gauntlets Pavoratti
611Meliorated Circumventating Mechanotablet Maker
600Club of the Ice Ocean Dar
500Exotic Spinneret Fluid Maker×25
437Fantastic Spinneret Fluid Maker×16
437Shimmering Loam VendingMachine×2
427Faithstone of Mischief Tuck
419Fabled Crown of Torment Pavoratti
407Mottled Hide Tuck×2
407Bazu Steel Dar, Maker (2)
400Sleeves of the White Lotus Dar
380Velium Diamond Wedding Ring (Enchanted) Tuck
375Porous Loam GuildBank×4, VendingMachine×14 (18)
375Exquisite Spinneret Fluid Collector
359Geerlok Sewing Contraption PuppetMaster×2
350Silver-Petaled Club Maker
315Discordant Steel PuppetMaster×5
312Flawless Spinneret Fluid GuildBank
312Alkalai Loam GuildBank×6, VendingMachine×4 (10)
312Superb Marrow GuildBank
3005 Dose Essence of Wood Elf (Tradeable) VendingMachine
3005 Dose Essence of High Elf (Tradeable) PuppetMaster
300Cut Diamond Gear PuppetMaster×14
250Blue Diamond Collector×17, GuildBank×86, Pavoratti, PuppetMaster×89, Tuck×1026 (1219)
250Excellent Marrow GuildBank×16
250Mask of Simmering Storms Dar
250Reinforced Filament Maker×4
250Enchanted Velium Bar Maker×11
250Velium Bar Maker×14
244Elaborate Shadowrise Helm Dar
244Elaborate Shadowrise Boots Dar
244Elaborate Shadowrise Armband Dar×2
244Elaborate Shadowrise Cuirass Dar
244Elaborate Shadowrise Greaves Dar
240Hero Bracers Bilbo, Pavoratti (1)
233Diamond Electrum Mask (Enchanted) Tuck
222Mucocutaneous Mechanotablet Pavoratti
216Broken Battle Blade PuppetMaster×11
204Blackburrow Opal TreeHugger
201Aqualung PuppetMaster×3
200Gem Cutter Maker
200Diamond GuildBank×45, Maker×8, PuppetMaster×109, Tuck×24 (186)
200Raw Diamond GuildBank×15
188Glowrock Tuck×3
187Excellent Spinneret Fluid Collector
187Fused Loam GuildBank
187Brimstone Coal Tuck×21
182Glowstone Tuck×6
180Geerlok All Purpose Baking Utensil Tuck
178Agonizing Glaze Pavoratti
167Glowgem PuppetMaster×32
150Black Marble GuildBank×2, Maker×3 (5)
150Jacinth Bilbo×2, Tuck×6 (8)
150Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch (tradeable) TreeHugger
141Exquisite Deep Mushroom Maker×2
133Vial of Purified Mana Maker×4
125Glossy Feir'Dal Mithril Maker×8
125Hemic Marrow GuildBank×6
125Glossy Mercurium Maker×8, Tuck×4 (12)
125Glossy Mercurium Thread Tuck×8
125Fishbone Earring Maker
125Bonded Loam Collector×7, GuildBank (8)
125Ossified Cold Iron Maker×18
125Fine Spinneret Fluid GuildBank×4
125Glossy Northman Ore Bilbo×3, Maker×8 (11)
125Exquisite Leather Gloves Template Maker
125Tantalum Chain Bracer Template Tuck×14
125Tantalum Chain Gloves Template Bilbo×25, Tuck×16 (41)
120Gloves of the Brood Bilbo, Pavoratti (2)
120Engraved Spiral Conch Pavoratti
120Trillion Cut Prestidigitase Palladium Ring Dar
114Bellows Crafted Cap Dar
108Serrated Bone Dirk (old world) Bilbo
105Symbol of the Diaku Collector
104Pendant Mold Maker×4
104Ring Mold Maker×6
104Bracelet Mold Maker×4
104Earring Mold Maker×6
104Veil Mold Maker×4
102Geerlok Automated Quill PuppetMaster
101Extravagant Combatant's Pauldrons Bilbo, Pavoratti (2)
101Extravagant Combatant's Belt Pavoratti
100Eminent Helm Symbol of Storms Maker
100Blue Crystallized Essence Bilbo, Tuck (2)
100Platinum Thread Dar×2
100Quintessence of Knowledge Bilbo×10
100Sapphire (gem) Maker×26
100Eminent Sleeve Symbol of Storms Maker
100Cosgrite Bar PuppetMaster×7
98Prescient Fleeting Quiver Pavoratti×2
95Strand Filament Bilbo×2
95Titanium Chain Gloves Template Bilbo×20
94Intricate Starglow Cap Maker
94Intricate Starglow Sleeves Maker, VendingMachine×2 (3)
94Elegant Defiant Chain Tunic Bilbo
94Elegant Defiant Leather Tunic Dar
94Elegant Defiant Breastplate Pavoratti
92Elegant Defiant Silk Pantaloons Dar
91Elegant Defiant Plate Vambraces Dar, Pavoratti (2)
91Elegant Adept's Hood Tuck
91Elegant Defiant Chain Sleeves Bilbo
91Elegant Defiant Leather Sleeves Dar
91Elegant Combatant's Belt TreeHugger
90Adamantite Bo Stick Dar
90Elegant Defiant Plate Helm VendingMachine
90Elegant Defiant Leather Cap Dar
90Elegant Defiant Chain Coif Bilbo
90Elegant Combatant's Shard Collector×2, TreeHugger×2 (2)
89Elegant Defiant Plate Boots Dar×2
89Elegant Defiant Leather Boots Dar
89Elegant Defiant Chain Boots Bilbo
88Elegant Defiant Silk Gloves Maker
88Elegant Defiant Leather Gloves Dar
87Pristine Spinneret Fluid GuildBank×10
87Elegant Defiant Leather Bracer Dar×2
87Elegant Defiant Chain Bracer Bilbo, Dar (2)
87Ductile Loam Collector×2
86Elegant Defiant Square Hammer Dar×2
85Runed Shell Necklace Tuck×2
85Tormentor's Hoof Bilbo
85Elegant Defiant Buckler VendingMachine
83Heavy Iron Spike Dar
82Elaborate Defiant Silk Robe Dar, VendingMachine (2)
81Elaborate Defiant Silk Pantaloons Maker, VendingMachine (2)
81Elaborate Defiant Leather Trousers VendingMachine
80Elaborate Defiant Leather Sleeves Bilbo
80Anizok's Maximizing Device PuppetMaster, Tuck (2)
80Elaborate Defiant Silk Sleeves VendingMachine×2
79Elaborate Defiant Chain Coif Bilbo, VendingMachine (2)
79Elaborate Defiant Leather Cap VendingMachine
78Elaborate Combatant's Cloak Bilbo
78Elaborate Defiant Plate Boots Bilbo, VendingMachine×2 (3)
77Elaborate Defiant Chain Gauntlets Bilbo, VendingMachine (2)
76Elaborate Defiant Chain Bracer Bilbo, VendingMachine (2)
76Elaborate Defiant Silk Wristwrap Bilbo
76Elaborate Defiant Recurve Bow VendingMachine
76Elaborate Defiant Flint Spear VendingMachine
76Elaborate Defiant Leather Bracer Bilbo
76Elaborate Defiant Spikemaul VendingMachine×2
75Elaborate Defiant Cutlass VendingMachine
75Hickory Handled Shears Bilbo
75Rubicite Boots Maker
75Darkwood Trunk Collector, TreeHugger (1)
75Giant Warrior Helmet Bilbo×6
74Faceted Crystal TreeHugger, VendingMachine×9 (10)
73Elaborate Defiant Rapier VendingMachine×2
73Elaborate Defiant Kama PuppetMaster, VendingMachine (2)
72Geerlok Automated Hammer TreeHugger, Tuck (2)
72Extravagant Staff Maker×6
70Powder of Ro GuildBank, Maker×3 (4)
68Intricate Combatant's Orb Bilbo, Dar (2)
67Intricate Adept's Sphere Bilbo×2
65Titanium Gears PuppetMaster×56
64Intricate Defiant Charm Dar
63Palladium Breastplate Template Tuck
63Palladium Chain Arms Template Maker, Tuck×2 (3)
63Palladium Chain Boots Template Maker, Tuck×2 (3)
63Palladium Chain Bracer Template Maker×2, Tuck (3)
63Palladium Chain Coif Template Maker, Tuck×2 (3)
63Palladium Chain Gloves Template Maker
63Palladium Chain Legplates Template Maker, Tuck (2)
63Palladium Plate Bracer Template Tuck×4
63Palladium Plate Gauntlet Template Tuck
63Palladium Plate Helm Template Tuck
63Palladium Plate Vambrace Template Tuck
63Immaculate Leather Gloves Template Maker×8
63Ductile Mercurium Thread Tuck×15
63Exotic Leather Boots Template Tuck
63Exotic Leather Gloves Template Tuck
63Exotic Leather Wristbands Template Tuck×2
63Exotic Leather Tunic Template Tuck
63Superb Leather Gloves Template Maker×10
63Exotic Leather Leggings Template Tuck
63Vanadium Chain Bracer Template Tuck×15
63Vanadium Chain Gloves Template Bilbo×10, Tuck×29 (39)
63Exotic Leather Sleeves Template Tuck
63Exotic Leather Skullcap Template Tuck
59Geerlok Clockwork Contraption PuppetMaster
59Goranga Idol Dar
54Othmir Fur Cap Dar
51High Quality Horse Skin PuppetMaster×6
50Mana Battery - Class Six Pavoratti×6, PuppetMaster×11 (17)
50Fire Opal Maker×101, PuppetMaster×3 (104)
48Serpentine Bracer (old world) Dar
48Dark Mail Gauntlets (a) Dar×2
48Water Sprinkler of the Forgiven PuppetMaster
45Sporali Skin GuildBank×6
42Geerlok Planing Tool Maker×2
40Bitter Feedback Bilbo
40Crucible Maker
40Laminator Blade Maker
40Spell: Mass Imbue Emerald VendingMachine
40Spinal Disorientation Bilbo×2
40Heart Blaze Bilbo×2
40Bloodpyre Bilbo×2
39Blood Raven Pinion Feather Collector×3, TreeHugger×3 (3)
37Malleable Loam GuildBank×6, Maker×2 (8)
37Damp Marrow GuildBank
36Ceremonial Wedding Sword Maker
35Spider's Bite XVI Bilbo
35Tae Ew Hide Sack TreeHugger×2
33Block of Mercurium Tuck×2
32Scorpion's Agony XV Bilbo×12
32Myrmidon's Sloth XV Bilbo×31
32Spider's Bite XV Bilbo×10
32Monk's Bane XV Bilbo×3
30Shadowmane Pelt PuppetMaster×2
30Fabled Soiled Breechclout TreeHugger
29Vegerog Fiber String VendingMachine×3
28Scorpion's Agony XIV Bilbo
28Scorpion's Agony XVII Bilbo
28Spider's Bite XIV Bilbo
28Spider's Bite XVII Bilbo
27Shiny Brass Idol Maker, VendingMachine (2)
25Dawnshroud Cider VendingMachine
25Crushed Diamond Dust PuppetMaster×94
25Crushed Black Marble VendingMachine
24Opal Encrusted Stein Bilbo×2, Pavoratti×2, PuppetMaster×3 (5)
24Stonewood Bow Staff VendingMachine×3
24Obsidianwood Bow Staff VendingMachine×3
24Dusty Green Tunic* Dar
24Fabled Netherbian Chitin TreeHugger
21Elixir of the Avian XIII Tuck×5
21Darkwood Staff Tuck
20Flawless Privet Bilbo×28
2010 Dose Blood of the Wolf Bilbo, Maker, Tuck×4 (6)
20Exotic Silk Tuck×18
20Steel Casing PuppetMaster×9
20Lacquered Star Ruby Tuck×2
20Fine Bone Chips GuildBank×26
20Greater Lightstone GuildBank
20Flawless Delphinium Bilbo×30
20Black Pearl VendingMachine×17
20Chunk of Cazicite Tuck
18Shiliskin Bones GuildBank×2, PuppetMaster×4 (6)
18Bronze Breastplate Bilbo, Pavoratti (1)
18Clockwork Gnome Shaft GuildBank×26, PuppetMaster×42 (68)
18Small Clockwork Screws GuildBank×25, PuppetMaster×37 (62)
18Clockwork Gnome Spring GuildBank×50, PuppetMaster×140 (190)
18Sporali Cap GuildBank×11
18Buccaneer's Belt Dar
18Clockwork Gnome Bolts GuildBank×31, PuppetMaster×17 (48)
18Scorpion's Agony XII Bilbo×20
17Opal Collector×23, Collector×23, TreeHugger×23, TreeHugger×123, Tuck×9 (178)
17Giant Needlite Wing Dar
17Fantastic Animal Pelt Maker×2
17Greater Scrying Stone Maker×20
17Distillate of Celestial Healing XIII TreeHugger
16Small Clockwork Shaft GuildBank×28, PuppetMaster×49 (77)
16Clockwork Gear GuildBank×38, PuppetMaster×45 (83)
15Shattered Crystal Tuck
15Diamond Dust Maker
15Stalking Probe VendingMachine
15Pristine Oleander Bilbo×9
15Immaculate Silk GuildBank×2, PuppetMaster×40 (42)
15Pristine Larkspur Bilbo×2
15Mechanized Lockpicks Bilbo
15Tantalum Ore GuildBank×22, Tuck×20, VendingMachine×2 (44)
15Exquisite Animal Pelt GuildBank×5
15Vanadium Ore GuildBank×2, Tuck×31 (33)
15Faceted Lightstone Collector, TreeHugger (1)
15Exquisite Silk GuildBank×13
15Water of the Skeptic Maker×10, VendingMachine (11)
15Pristine Laburnum Bilbo×2
14Monk's Bane XI Bilbo×16
14Foul Smelling Liquid Collector
14Messenger's Bane XI Bilbo×20
14Fighter's Bane XI Bilbo×9
14Spider's Bite XI Bilbo×80
14Myrmidon's Sloth XI Bilbo×21
14Archer's Bane XI Bilbo×27
14Scorpion's Agony XI Bilbo×58
14Quellious' Trauma XI Bilbo×2
13Emerald (generic) Dar×5, PuppetMaster×108 (113)
13Horse Meat PuppetMaster×2
13Horse Hoof PuppetMaster
12Superior Muscimol Bilbo
12Superior Privet Bilbo
12Black Steel Wrap Dar
12Titanium Ore GuildBank×86
12Grubby Fine Parchment Collector
12Murkglider Blood Bilbo×4
12Flawless Animal Pelt GuildBank×9
12Ruined Feran Hide PuppetMaster
12Flawless Silk GuildBank×11
12Standard Bow Cam Maker×200
10Spider's Bite X Bilbo
10Steel Working Knife Maker, TreeHugger (2)
10Fine Steel Great Staff TreeHugger
1010 Dose Potion of Antiweight Tuck
10Sticky Lotus Sap Maker×2
1010 Dose Potion of the Bone Field Pavoratti
10Northman Smithy Hammer Bilbo
10Scorpion's Agony X Bilbo
10Combine Smithy Hammer TreeHugger, Tuck (2)
1010 Dose Kilva's Skin of Flame VendingMachine×2
10Cobalt Ore Dar, GuildBank×50 (51)
10Vale Smithy Hammer Tuck
10Superb Animal Pelt GuildBank×47
10Smithy Hammer Bilbo, Maker, Pavoratti, PuppetMaster, TreeHugger, Tuck (6)
10Peridot Dar×19, PuppetMaster×227, Tuck×100 (346)
10Quality Laburnum Bilbo
10Spell Research Kit Maker
1010 Dose Potion of the Frost Bilbo, Pavoratti (2)
10Sea Moss Bilbo×3
10Spell Research Kit Token Maker
9Planar Steel Bow Cam VendingMachine×7
9Molten Metal Bow Cam VendingMachine×69
9Drachnid Blood PuppetMaster×20
9Dry Treant Branch GuildBank×3
9Acrylia Boning Maker×21
9Sundered Blade (broken) PuppetMaster×17
9Sporali Spores GuildBank×11
9Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye (tradeable) Bilbo, Maker, Pavoratti (3)
9Straight Oak Treant Branch GuildBank×9
9Straight Treant Branch GuildBank×4