Enchanter 1.0 
Snow Blossoms Oggok
Innoruuk's Word Neriak
a Spoon S.Ro
Book of Charm and Sacrifice PoSky
Head of the Serpent PoFear
Essence of a Ghost the Hole*
Essence of a Vampire PoHate
Ink of the Dark LGuk
Shining Metallic Robes LGuk
White Paper W.K.

Shaman 1.0 
Opaque Gem Freeport
A Small Gem Erud's Crossing
Woe Rathe Mts
Envy Rathe Mts
Marr's Promise Rathe Mts
Black Dire Pelt Mistmoore
Child's Tear PoFear

Ranger 1.0 
Bat Wings Felwithe quest
Muffin for Pandos Freeport quest
Swirling Sphere of Color PoSky
Shattered Emerald of Corruption PoHate

Bard 1.0 
Alluring Horn OOT
Kedge Backbone Kedge Keep
Amygdalan Tendril PoFear
Red Dragon Scales Naggy's Lair
White Dragon Scales Permafrost
Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top various
Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom various
Onyx Drake Gut Rathe Mts

Magician 1.0 
Torn Page of Magi'Kot 1 Kithicor
Torn Page of Magi'Kot 2 Unrest
Torn Page of Magi'Kot 3 Lower Guk
Power of Earth LFay
Power of Fire Sol A
Power of Wind Mistmoore
Torn Page of Mastery, Fire Nagena/CT
Torn Page of Mastery, Earth Nagena/CT
Torn Page of Mastery, Wind Nagena/CT
Torn Page of Mastery, Water Nagena/CT
Shovel of Ponz Temple of SolRo
Broom of Trilon Temple of SolRo
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth PoHate
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water Kedge
Rain of Karana East Karana
Blazing Wand Kedge
Elemental Binder the Hole*
Pegasus Feather Cloak S. Karana
Crown of Elemental Mastery PoSky

Paladin 1.0 (since this can be totally done prior to Kunark, expect nerf)
Soulfire quest
Ghoulbane UGuk
Torn, Burnt Book Naggy's Lair
Torn, Frost Covered Book Permafrost
Book of Scale Neriak Commons
Miragul's Phylactery OOT
Miragul's Head Everfrost
Miragul's Robe Everfrost
Tainted Darksteel Breastplate PoHate
Tainted Darksteel Shield Nektolous Forest
Tainted Darksteel Sword the Hole*
Bucket of Water Freeport
Cold Plate of Beef and Bread Kaladim
Pure Crystal Kaladim
Gleaming Crested Breastplate Erudin
Gleaming Crested Shield Felwithe
Gleaming Crested Sword Erudin
Mark of Atonement Erudin
Fiery Avenger PoSky

Monk 1.0 (incomplete?)
Charred Scale Lavastorm
Orange Sash of Order quest
Yellow Sash of Order quest
White Training Sash quest
Blackened Wand Befallen
Blackened Sapphire Najena
Red Sash of Order quest
Breath of Gwan PoSky
The Idol LGuk
Code of Zan Fi Naggy's Lair

Necro 1.0
Head of Sir Edwin Motte various
Flowing Black Robe Najena
Black Silk Cape PoSky
Silver Disk PoSky
Spiroc Feathers PoSky
Eye of Innoruuk PoHate
Slime Blood of Cazic Thule PoFear
Gkzzallk in a Box PoSky

* the Hole is currently listed as not being available right away. It's unclear if it will be available prior to Kunark or if it will have to wait until Kunark is unlocked.