Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN SoF
1Burst of Flame
Fire Flux
Minor Shielding
Reclaim Energy
Summon Dagger
Summon Drink
Summon Food
True North
2Elementalkin: Water
Summon Bandages
  Summon Brass Choker
3Elementalkin: Fire
Sense Summoned
Summon Wisp
Elementalkin: Air
5Elementalkin: Earth
Flame Bolt
Lesser Shielding
6Dimensional Pocket
Elementaling: Water
Eye of Zomm
7Elementaling: Fire
Renew Elements
Shield of Fire
Shock of Blades
8Elementaling: Air
Staff of Tracing
Summon Linen Mantle
9Elementaling: Earth
Summon Fang
Ward Summoned
10Cancel Magic
Elemental: Water
Rain of Blades
  Summon Tarnished Bauble
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN SoF
Elemental: Fire
Summon Elemental Defender
12Bind Affinity
Column of Fire
Elemental: Air
13Elemental: Earth
Phantom Leather
     Wuggan’s Lesser Appraisal
14Minor Summoning: Water
Staff of Warding
     Wuggan’s Lesser Discombobulation
Wuggan’s Lesser Extrication
15Minor Summoning: Fire
Shock of Flame
Summon Heatstone
Summon Throwing Dagger
16Minor Summoning: Air
See Invisible
  Summon Tiny Ring
   Focus Crude Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Focus Primitive Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Focus Rudimentary Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
17Minor Summoning: Earth
Rain of Fire
Summon Waterstone
  Summon Phantom Leather
18Bolt of Flame
Expulse Summoned
Lesser Summoning: Water
Renew Summoning
19Elemental Shield
Fire Shield
Lesser Summoning: Fire
   Tiny Companion
20Lesser Summoning: Air
Spear of Warding
Summon Arrows
  Summon Jade Bracelet
Summon Wooden Bracelet
   Focus Makeshift Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Focus Mass Crude Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Focus Mass Primitive Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Focus Mass Rudimentary Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN SoF
Lesser Summoning: Earth
  Summon Silver Choker
Flame Flux
Summoning Water
23Summoning Fire
   Shock of Spikes
 Wuggan’s Appraisal
24Major Shielding
Staff of Runes
Summoning Air
     Wuggan’s Discombobulation
Wuggan’s Extrication
Focus Mass Makeshift Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
25Dismiss Summoned
Phantom Chain
Summon Phantom Chain
Summoning Earth
26Greater Summoning: Water
Rain of Spikes
Sword of Runes
Greater Summoning: Fire
  Summon Leather Mantle
28Expel Summoned
Greater Summoning: Air
Inferno Shield
29Burnout II
Greater Summoning: Earth
Summon Coldstone
30Dimensional Hole
 Monster Summoning I
Summon Shiny Bauble
   Focus Elementary Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN SoF
Minor Conjuration: Water
 Summon Shard of the Core
32Greater Shielding
Minor Conjuration: Fire
Nullify Magic
33Cinder Bolt
Minor Conjuration: Air
Staff of Symbols
     Wuggan’s Greater Appraisal
34Minor Conjuration: Earth
   Refresh Summoning
 Wuggan’s Greater Discombobulation
Wuggan’s Greater Extrication
Focus Mass Elementary Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
35Dagger of Symbols
Rain of Lava
36Lesser Conjuration: Water
  Summon Companion
37Lesser Conjuration: Fire
Summon Ring of Flight
  Summon Twisted Ring
38Barrier of Combustion
Lesser Conjuration: Air
Summon Phantom Plate
39Flame Arc
Lesser Conjuration: Earth
40       Focus Modest Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN SoF
41Elemental Armor
Phantom Plate
Shock of Swords
  Conjuration: Water
42Conjuration: Fire
  Summon Opal Bracelet
Summon Orb of Exploration
43Arch Shielding
 Elemental Maelstrom
Conjuration: Air
Modulating Rod
Summon Stone Bracelet
  Conjuration: Earth
 Primal Remedy
 Focus Mass Modest Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
45Shield of Lava
Summon Orb
46Greater Conjuration: Earth
     Ward of Calliav
47Burnout III
Greater Conjuration: Fire
Lava Bolt
48Banish Summoned
Greater Conjuration: Air
Summon Elemental Blanket
49Greater Conjuration: Water
Rain of Swords
50Summon Golden Choker
 Monster Summoning II
    Focus Simple Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN PoR SoF
Gift of Xev
Vocarate: Earth
 Summon Silken Mantle
52 Bristlebane’s Bundle
Phantom Armor
Transon’s Elemental Infusion
Vocarate: Fire
 Summon Brilliant Bauble
 Elemental Empathy
53 Annul Magic
Boon of Immolation
Quiver of Marr
Vocarate: Air
 Summon Studded Ring
54 Bandoleer of Luclin
Elemental Draw
Scars of Sigil
Shield of the Magi
Summon Iron Bracelet
Summon Ruby Bracelet
Vocarate: Water
 Phantasmal Armor
Veil of Elements
Elemental Cloak
   Focus Mass Simple Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
55 Call of the Hero
Pouch of Quellious
Rage of Zomm
Burnout IV
Wrath of the Elements
    Earthen Strength
Focus Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
56 Cadeau of Flame
Dyzil’s Deafening Decoy
Exile Summoned
Muzzle of Mardu
 Mass Mystical Transvergence
Rod of Mystical Transvergence
57 Eye of Tallon
Greater Vocaration: Earth
Shock of Steel
58 Greater Vocaration: Fire
 Transon’s Phantasmal Protection
  Guard of Calliav
59 Greater Vocaration: Air
Seeking Flame of Seukor
Valiant Companion
      Focus Mass Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
60 Aegis of Ro
Greater Vocaration: Water
Ancient: Burnout Blaze
Ancient: Shock of Sun
Monster Summoning III
Maelstrom of Electricity
Shock of Fiery Blades
Transon’s Elemental Renewal
  Wind of the Desert
 Focus Refined Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Initial PoP LDoN GoD OoW DoN DoD PoR SoF
61 Belt of Magi`Kot
Blade of Walnan
Elemental Barrier
Firebolt of Tallon
Flameshield of Ro
Shield of the Arcane
Summon Glowing Bauble
Summon Platinum Choker
Summon Runed Mantle
Summon Sapphire Bracelet
Summon Spiked Ring
Summon Steel Bracelet
Ward of Xegony
   Summon Lava Orb
62 Burnout V
Fist of Ixiblat
Imbue Earth
Servant of Marr
Sun Storm
Talisman of Return
Xegony’s Phantasmal Guard
Burning Sand
63Maelstrom of Ro
Black Steel
Blade of the Kedge
Child of Ro
Elemental Silence
Summon Jewelry Bag
64 Destroy Summoned
Girdle of Magi`Kot
Imbue Air
Maelstrom of Thunder
Planar Renewal
Shield of Maelin
Protection of Calliav
     Focus Mass Refined Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
65 Call of the Arch Mage
Imbue Fire
Imbue Water
Rathe’s Son
Sun Vortex
 Ancient: Chaos Vortex
Elemental Siphon
Monster Summoning IV
Rock of Taelosia
    Focus Intricate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
66    Bolt of Jerikor
Child of Wind
Elemental Aura
Summon Calliav’s Glowing Bauble
Summon Calliav’s Jeweled Bracelet
Summon Calliav’s Platinum Choker
Summon Calliav’s Runed Mantle
Summon Calliav’s Spiked Ring
Summon Calliav’s Steel Bracelet
Summon Fireblade
67    Child of Water
Rain of Jerikor
Summon Crystal Belt
Summon Dagger of the Deep
Summon Sphere of Air
Summon Staff of the North Wind
68    Blade Strike
Child of Fire
Phantom Shield
Pyrilen Skin
Summon Pouch of Jerikor
 Burning Aura
69    Bulwark of Calliav
Burning Earth
Desolate Summoned
Elemental Fury
Renewal of Jerikor
Summon Molten Orb
Fickle Fire
 Focus Mass Intricate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
70    Ancient: Nova Strike
Ancient: Veil of Pyrilonus
Child of Earth
Circle of Fireskin
Elemental Simulacrum
Star Scream
Star Strike
 Raging Servant
Iceflame Guard
Rathe’s Strength
Spear of Ro
Focus Elaborate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
71Bolt of Molten Slag
Essence of Air
Prime Shielding
Summon Aenda’s Trinkets
Summon Muzzle of Mowcha
Summon Plate of the Elements
Burnout VI
72Essence of Water
Phantasmal Warden
Rain of Molten Slag
Shock of Silvered Steel
Wand of Elemental Transvergence
Beam of Molten Slag
73Essence of Fire
Granite Stance
Renewal of Aenda
Scalding Sands
Scorching Skin
Summon Elemental Armaments
Annihilate the Unnatural
74Aegis of Calliav
Circle of Magmaskin
Essence of Earth
Rain of Thunderbolts
Summon Wintry Paradox
Iceflame Body
Focus Mass Elaborate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
75Blazing Stance
Elemental Symbiosis
Fickle Inferno
Mass Elemental Transvergence
Monster Summoning V
Rampaging Servant
Focus Ornate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
76  Bolt of Molten Dross
Burnout VII
Core of Air
Prime Guard
Summon Nastel’s Heirlooms
Summon Plate of the Prime
77  Aspect of Zomm
Beam of Molten Dross
Core of Water
Eidolic Guardian
Rain of Molten Dross
Shock of Cineral Steel
Shock of Many
Wand of Prime Transvergence
78  Annihilate the Aberrant
Core of Fire
Grounded Stance
Promised Recovery
Revival of Aenro
Scorching Sands
Searing Skin
Summon Cauldron of Many Things
Summon Prime Armaments
79  Aegis of Kildrukaun
Burning Brimbody
Circle of Lavaskin
Core of Earth
Focus Mass Ornate Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Iceflame Tenement
Summon Gelid Paradox
Torrent of Thunderbolts
80  Fickle Pyroclasm
Focus Runed Spellcaster’s Empowering Essence
Hungry Flames
Mass Prime Transvergence
Monster Summoning VI
Prime Symbiosis
Rancorous Servant
81Aspect of Air
Bolt of Molten Scoria
Burnout VIII
Shield of the Void
Summon Zabella’s Heirlooms
82Aspect of Water
Beam of Molten Scoria
Empyrean Guardian
Jolt of Many
Rain of Molten Scoria
Shock of Discordant Steel
Wand of Ethereal Transvergence
83Annihilate the Anomalous
Aspect of Fire
Earthen Stance
Promised Rejuvenation
Renewal of Cadwin
Summon Cauldron of Endless Goods
Summon Ethereal Armaments
Torrid Sands
Torrid Skin
Thaumatize Pet
84Aspect of Earth
Burning Pyroshroud
Circle of Brimstoneskin
Deluge of Thunderbolts
Iceflame Efflux
Summon Elemental Ore
Summon Frigid Paradox
Chaotic Boon
85Ethereal Symbiosis
Fickle Blaze
Hulking Bodyguard
Mass Ethereal Transvergence
Ravenous Flames
Rumbling Servant
Arcane Distillect
Surge of Thaumacretion
86  Bolt of Rhyolite
Burnout IX
Construct of Air
Dreamfire Coat
Gift of Daybreak
Grant Enibik’s Heirlooms
Grant Spectral Plate
Shield of Dreams
Strike of Sand
87  Beam of Rhyolite
Clash of Many
Cognitive Guardian
Construct of Water
Grant Visor of Vabtik
Rain of Rhyolite
Shock of Ethereal Steel
Splash of Lava
Wand of Spectral Transvergence
88  Annihilate the Divergent
Beam of Daggers
Blazing Sands
Blazing Skin
Construct of Fire
Grant Spectral Armaments
Promised Wardmending
Renewal of Volark
Tellurian Stance
89  Burning Veil
Chaotic Blessing
Circle of Dreamfire
Construct of Earth
Grant Glacial Paradox
Grant Ring of Levitation
Iceflame Ward
Rain of Daggers
Scalding Winds
90  Fickle Flare
Gather Potential
Mass Spectral Transvergence
Ruinous Servant
Spear of Magma
Spectral Symbiosis
Surge of Shadowflares
Tellurian Bodyguard
Voracious Flames