Initial SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN tSS
1      Spike of Disease
2Sense the Dead
3Locate Corpse
4Invisibility versus Undead
5Disease Cloud
6Siphon Strength
7Leering Corpse
9Numb the Dead
10Endure Cold
Initial SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN tSS
11Clinging Darkness
13Shadow Step
14Bone Walk
 Scream of Hate
16Grim Aura
18Ward Undead
19Cure Disease
  Tiny Companion
20Engulfing Darkness
Spook the Dead
Initial SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN tSS
21Dark Empathy
22Convoke Shadow
Vampiric Embrace
23Scream of Pain
24Feign Death
25Lesser Summon Corpse
26Endure Disease
27Wave of Enfeeblement
28Heat Blood
Strengthen Death
30Gather Shadows
Restless Bones
Initial SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN tSS
32     Dark Temptation
33  Terror of Darkness
34   Spear of Disease
35Resist Cold
Shroud of Hate
36Cancel Magic
Heart Flutter
37Shadow Vortex
 Scream of Death
38Animate Dead
39Expulse Undead
 Voice of Darkness
40Shadow Sight
Initial SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN tSS
41    Blood of Pain
42  Terror of Shadows
43Invoke Fear
44Dooming Darkness
45Breath of the Dead
Word of Spirit
46Summon Dead
 Voice of Shadows
47Life Leech
    Scythe of Darkness
48   Spear of Pain
49Dismiss Undead
Shroud of Pain
Initial RoK SoV SoL PoP LoY LDoN DoN
51Resistant Discipline
Siphon Life
Summon Corpse
52Malignant Dead
Rest the Dead
  Abduction of Strength
Mental Corruption
Summon Companion
53Boil Blood
  Terror of Death
54Banshee Aura
Panic the Dead
Fearless Discipline
 Torrent of Hate
Spear of Plague
 Call of Darkness
Scythe of Death
55Expel Undead
Spirit Tap
Unholy Aura Discipline
Shroud of Undeath
Shroud of Death
Voice of Death
Bobbing Corpse
  Torrent of Pain
   Ichor Guard
Soulless Fear
57Drain Spirit
   Vampiric Curse
  Shadow Voice
58Cackling Bones
Nullify Magic
  Deathly Temptation
Torrent of Fatigue
59Cascading Darkness
  Terror of Terris
Augment Death
Drain Soul
Leechcurse Discipline
 Death Peace
Cloak of the Akheva
Voice of Terris
Initial RoK SoV PoP LDoN GoD OoW DoN DoD PoR
61Ignite Blood
 Improved Invisibility to Undead
Aura of Darkness
Festering Darkness
   Soul Guard
Soulless Panic
62Bond of Death
  Deny Undead
Touch of Volatis
Zevfeer’s Bite
   Shadow Bellow
63   Aura of Pain
Blood of Hate
Shroud of Chaos
Terror of Thule
64Invoke Death
 Augmentation of Death
Pact of Hate
Spear of Decay
Scythe of Innoruuk
65 Conjure Corpse
 Aura of Hate
Cloak of Luclin
Touch of Innoruuk
Voice of Thule
 Ancient: Bite of Chaos
Black Shroud
Mental Horror
Miasmic Spear
66      Blood of Discord
Bond of Inruku
Dark Constriction
Soulless Terror
67      Inruku’s Bite
Shadow Howl
Shroud of Discord
Terror of Discord
Touch of Inruku
68      Blood of Inruku
Scythe of Inruku
Son of Decay
Theft of Pain
 Fickle Shadows
69      Dread Gaze
Pact of Decay
Rune of Decay
Spear of Muram
Soul Shield
Touch of Draygun
70      Ancient: Bite of Muram
Cloak of Discord
Theft of Hate
Touch of the Devourer
  Decrepit Skin
Theft of Agony
71Blacktalon Bite
Bond of the Blacktalon
Exhumer’s Call
Terror of Vergalid
Marrowthirst Horror
72Blood of the Blacktalon
Challenge for Power
Shroud of the Nightborn
73Amplify Death
Dark Bargain
Shambling Minion
Soul Carapace
74Cloak of Corruption
Rotroot Spear
75Last Breath
Remorseless Demeanor
Touch of Severan
Touch of the Wailing Three
76  Blackwater Bite
Bond of the Blackwater
Procure Corpse
Soulthirst Horror
Terror of the Soulbleeder
77  Assiduous Impurity
Blood of the Blackwater
Shroud of the Gloomborn
Trial for Power
78  Expatiate Death
Grim Covenant
Maladroit Minion
Rigor Mortis
Umbral Carapace
79  Drape of Corruption
Rotmarrow Spear
80  Last Gasp
Touch of Kildrukaun
Touch of the Soulbleeder
Umbral Skin
81Bond of Laarthik
Laarthik’s Bite
Mindshear Horror
Reaper’s Call
Terror of Jelvalak
82Blood of Laarthik
Charge for Power
Plague of the Karanas
Shroud of the Blightborn
83Gift of Sathir
Malarian Carapace
Minion of Sebilis
Venril’s Covenant
Malarian Mantle
Unsavory Sacrifice
84Burst of Spite
Drape of Korafax
Malarian Spear
Steely Stance
85Curse of Frailty
Final Breath
Malarian Skin
Touch of Lanys
Touch of Tharoff
Dire Constriction
Dire Implication
86  Amygdalan Horror
Banshee Skin
Bond of Malthiasiss
Malthiasiss’s Bite
Reaper’s Beckon
Terror of Rerekalen
87  Blood of Malthiasiss
Confrontation for Power
Despairing Darkness
Plague of Iglum
Shroud of the Plagueborne
88  Defy
Gift of Dyalgem
Gixblat’s Covenant
Gorgon Carapace
Gorgon Mantle
Minion of Fear
Repulsive Sacrifice
89  Call of Dusk
Drape of Fear
Gorgon Spear
Insidious Blight
Stubborn Stance
90  Curse of Enfeeblement
Dire Accusation
Dire Restriction
Gorgon Skin
Last Breath
Touch of Dyalgem
Touch of Iglum