Spells by class: bard beastlord cleric druid enchanter magician necromancer paladin ranger shadowknight shaman wizard
These tables list which expansion scrolls should be obtainable, not necessarily scribable or usable.
Many spells classes get in their 50s (can't scribe till Kunark) are duplicates of what other classes get at lower levels.
Also, some spells (such as Mass Enchant Velium) are scribable right away but are useless (as velium can't be obtained until SoV is unlocked).

If you're using the ItemDataManage tool while on either the Fippy or Vulak, the missing spell list should list only those spells that are currently available (as listed in the above linked tables).

I am also working on a list of epic drops that can be obtained prior to the opening of Kunark. Click here for the list.
So far, I only have Enchanters, Shaman, and Rangers. It's been nearly forever since I've done those epics.
So I might have missed one or two of the drops that can still be obtained. I haven't done any other epics.
If someone wants to provide a list for other classes, I'll add them.

If you see anything that needs correction, please let me know about it. You can report them here.